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  1. Malfunction Indicator Lamp

    I received a message from Ford pass yesterday that I have a malfunction. When I clicked on it it states: the power supply to the transmission control system is lower than required for proper system operation. This can result in transmission not operating as expected when concern is present...
  2. 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP

    Good evening...I'm about to pull the trigger on a 21 Antimatter Blue CFTP with a $7500 ADM. I really want a CFTP and based on what I've seen on this forum and other internet sites the $7500 doesn't seem out of line. Thoughts??? Thanks in advance
  3. Car covers

    I didn't order the cover for my 350 when I ordered the car which I received last March just before the covid crisis. The car is stored in a climate controlled garage during the winter. During the summer it does spend most of it's time outdoors so I'm looking for a quality cover. The car has...
  4. Service Charging system message

    I started my 2020 gt 350 the other day and this message was displayed. I cleared it and scrolled through to the volt guage and everything appears to be operating normal. Has this happened to anybody else and what was the outcome? Thanks Ed