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  1. Does a 2012 Boss 302 have a digital speedometer in the menu?

    And i don't mean by getting into the engineering mode, just in the normal menu. Thanks.
  2. Does 2021 mustang GT with PP1 have black calipers?

    I was looking at an ad for one and the window sticker says it's a PP1 car and the picture of the wheel area shows a 6 piston caliper but it looks silver colored. In the description it says black, my 2019 are black. Here's the ad: You have to arrow over to see the wheel...
  3. What rpm do you shift at when spirited driving with a manual transmission?-Poll

    I just want to know what rpm you shift your manual trans at when you are what you call spirited driving. Personally I don't consider 3000 rpm spirited, 3000 I consider putting around and I don't consider 7000 spirited, 7000 I consider all out, but I will include them because there is no wrong...
  4. Did 19-20 Bullitt come with an owners kit like the Mach 1?

    Similar to this: If so can some post a picture. Thanks!
  5. Are 2019 Bullitt recaro leather seats electric?

    And if so would they have the memory feature? I'm pretty sure they are not heated and cooled.
  6. I thought manual trans didn't come with adaptive cruise, but I guess it does

    Or is that only the Mach 1's? Here's a window sticker:
  7. If you were buying a stripped GT with one option what would it be?

    Just wondering what the crowd would do.
  8. 10 Bullitt's on Vroom right now.

    Seems unusual.
  9. Is 2022 grabber blue same as 2013?

    I did search. Thanks.
  10. Stripped license plate hole, easy fix

    Today I went to put my license plate back on and one of the screws kept turning. I could not reach up far enough to hold a nut on the back. So I used a plastic wall anchor, a #10 I think but don't hold me to it. Just slipped it in the existing hole, with some small resistance it tapped in and it...
  11. My homemade oil filter funnel

    I'm sure there's many ways to do this but this worked perfect with no drips. It's just a two quart milk jug cut to fit and then I tie-wrapped it to stay in place so it would not fall down. My car is a 2019 GT with the PP1 package that has the trap door.
  12. O-ring for oil pan plug measurements

    I measured the brand new o-ring on the Ford FT4Z-6730-A oil plug. This one: It measured .660 ID X .900 OD X .144 WIDE I bought a pack of Buna o-rings based on a thread that listed a 208 buna as the correct replacement...
  13. oil leaking from rearview mirror-rain sensor maybe?

    Looks like mineral oil is leaking from the Drivers side module, I assume the rain sensor, the other side is the camera. The car sat in the garage all summer in AZ, and I assume the heat got to it. Has anyone had this and does the windshield have to be replaced?
  14. Storing and leaving jacked up in the air

    I am leaving my car for 5 months. I generally jack up my older cars under the suspension so that the tires are off the ground. I have the Steeda jacking rails that I planned on using but then I got to thinking I would rather have it up on the suspension points so that the suspension isn't...
  15. Is this too much negative camber? (picture and measurements)

    I measured 1.9 degrees negative on the left rear brake rotor. The right rear was 1.3 degrees negative. Not the most accurate way to measure but it is visibly more negative on the left side than the right. How many degrees is acceptable and how much can it vary side to side?
  16. passenger seat creaking

    With someone in the seat pushing back the seat creaks. I think I tracked it down to vertical movement in the sliding seat track. I don't see any way of fixing it though. It helps to move the seat forward I think, have to drive it again. I did check the seat bolts and they are all four tight...
  17. Anyone put lower rear gears in a 10R80 car?

    It doesn't seem to be popular.
  18. Good news at 3000 miles

    I bought my car with 2000 miles, hit 3000 miles recently and no problems. Buying used with such low miles makes you wonder if they got rid of it for a reason. Reading on this forum made me a bit anxious so I thought I'd post some good news. I hope I haven't just jinxed myself. LOL! The only...
  19. 2013 Boss 302 vs 2019 GT Performance Package Level 1

    I really can say asking for a friend, my buddy wants to know how his Boss would do against my car on a road course. Assuming equal drivers, equal tires, and even considering automatic or manual. He just recently got the red key programmed. I have driven his car and it's impressive. I say he can...
  20. How many mustangs do you own and have you owned total?

    I currently own two. I have owned 12 so far, and yes they all ran.