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  1. Help with serp. belt chirp/squeal

    From a basic visual, I can’t see anything misaligned. The AC clutch seems to operate normally, but I can only see this at idle. How can I tell if it is seizing? Also, the chirp is under moderate load on acceleration and deceleration, but nothing consistent
  2. Help with serp. belt chirp/squeal

    …and today I ran the heater without the AC on and the belt system still chirped/squealed. I believe this is telling me that it is likely not the AC clutch causing the issue, but the tensioner and/or idler pulley. Does this sound right??
  3. Help with serp. belt chirp/squeal

    So to renew this question for further help….the ac clutch seems to be working correctly and the wear that I am seeing is only on the exterior of the serpentine belt. Could another pulley or tensioner in the serpentine system be causing the wear on the outside of the serp belt and the chirp...
  4. Help with serp. belt chirp/squeal

    Need help with recent chirp/squeal from serpentine belt on my ‘16 GT. I have searched some of the other posts, but I’m still a bit lost on what to do. When A/C is on and I’m driving around, I get the occasional belt chirp/squeal and it seems to be getting worse and more frequent. I popped...
  5. Spacer help with ‘16 GT!!

    Thanks! Sincerely, That guy
  6. Spacer help with ‘16 GT!!

    Is there a better way to do this, like using longer studs with a spacer vs. the bolt on style spacer? I plan to eventually track the car and would like it to remain as strong as possible. I’ve never used spacers on previous vehicles…
  7. Spacer help with ‘16 GT!!

    Anyone? I tried a 20mm spacer, but the stock wheel studs are too long by about a 1/2 inch and won’t let the wheel mount up correctly. Should I get shorter studs?
  8. Spacer help with ‘16 GT!!

    I needed new rear tires and picked up a pair of 275/35/19 for my PP wheels. I am running 1” spacers as well, but it appears that the tire may have scrubbed the fender. I removed the spacer, but now the wheels sit too far in. Can I get a 1/2” or 3/4” spacer and help the issue? What all should...
  9. Troubleshooting help…’16 base

    Forgot to mention that I have quite a bit of engine whine/noise in the system too. What am I missing? This seemed like it should be a pretty simple install…..
  10. Troubleshooting help…’16 base

    I have a new to me ‘16 GT base. Obviously the stock stereo blows. I installed an LC2i pro LOC and a four channel amp. Currently I have the main channel RCA’s on the LC2i running to channel 1 and 2 on the amp. These channels from the amp are run to Infinity door components. The other two...
  11. Any Portland area people with Forscan for EQ?

    Thanks! I appreciate the input!
  12. Any Portland area people with Forscan for EQ?

    Howdy! Just picked up a ‘16 Gt with a base audio system. I was wondering if anyone has the Forscan program locally that would help me to remove the factory EQ programming issue with the base system? I’m not super tech savvy…. Thx