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  1. Velgen finished my new rims, WOW.

    Loudmouth is going to be yelling in a new way. Everyone is going to SEERED:devil:
  2. Merry Christmas

    I hope everyone is having a nice day and want take a moment to thank most all of you for making my first Shelby ownership an even better experience. Mele Kalikimaka. Curtis
  3. Cleaning/refreshing the lower bits?

    All, what are you using to bring back the factory fresh look on the composite splitter, aero bits and under hood parts to get the look without becoming a slimey dust magnet? Sorry if this has been said, I looked around a little :fistbump:

    Its only 5% but I owe you all so much, please use this only for good. Code: 177695536125762838 Enter your discount code in the 'How Did You Hear About Us?' box without any other numbers or characters for an additional 5% savings. Discounts cannot be applied to shipping, gift certificates, or...
  5. We think our cars are cool...

    This is the new high water mark. Note the attention to detail and Texas. :crazy: Hey KB, is this your daily driver?
  6. Part number help, please

    I thought I saw a parts diagram somewhere but no luck. Trying to replace a couple of the rubber bungs under the nose. One was missing and one was tore (pic) prolly by me scraping the driveway.
  7. Floor and dash mats

    We got floor mats and dash mat from Lloyds and CoverCraft. My wife took the GT350 mats and recreated them into GT500 with paint and custom ordered the dash mat to personalize the look. We wanted to knock down some of the black interior. The fit is not perfect but close enough. BTW, the...
  8. Wonky back-up camera

    Has anyone had any issues with their rear camera? I have noticed a couple things, one morning it looked like the screen was loosing packets similar to my crappy DISH signal, pixel stalls and blurring. Then went to what I would call heat waves moving up the screen. I checked the lens and it...

    We can all agree that this year will be remembered for the "in these trying times..." line, I wish all you applicable guys a nice day! I got an amazing gift from my daughter-in-law. LoudMouth Lime co-pilot.
  10. Have You Seen This Before?

    Wife's 2016 Mazda 6 Grand Touring car is having a problem with it's rims. I have never seen this before, there are air bubbles UNDER the clear layer. Have any of you had a car do this? What should I do with this issue?
  11. Baby needs its first bath, lessons learned?

    Ok everyone, Loud-Mouth Lime needs its first bath and I have read that Kent had some extra fun and perhaps others too. Please share your best tricks and lessons learned from cleaning the GT500 and dealing with all the nooks and...crannies. List your favorite cleaning products.
  12. Injury inducing New GT500's Warning to owners!

    I have seen numerous near whiplash injuries driving around town in our 4 day old Grabber Lime 500. Please DO NOT hurt any one as they GAWK at your car. This car also causes severe depression in HelloKitty owners. PLEASE DO YOUR PART and BE SAFE.
  13. Praise for Snoopy49 - Earl is the man!

    Let me start by saying this man is a saint and the work he puts in for us is hard to measure. Please share your thanks for his hard work or anyone else who deserves a little gratitude. Earl went out of his way to offer us an option for the high price car we have on order and although it was...