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  1. A/C Evaporator Factory Defect

    Joining the club! 2016 GT PP stopped blowing cold air a couple of days ago. 18,000 miles. Taking it to the dealership this week. Can’t wait.
  2. Whipple whine mod - sound tube?

    BoostedBen, Shawn has Roush and Kenne Bell kits. Here’s his contact info if you need it...Shawn 207 231 4112.
  3. Mantic clutch going in

    Any updates on the codes?
  4. Calling all Airlift 3P/L guys and girls

    PM sent. Sorry about the delay. Been at work for 72 hours straight. Thanks for putting this all together. Much appreciated.
  5. Calling all Airlift 3P/L guys and girls

    Just to confirm, someone is going to send their controller in to have a mount spec’d to fit the Airlift controller? Or maybe dimensions taken off the template in the Airlift install manual? :shrug: It appears that the one depicted in the post is rounded on one end. Probably just an example, but...
  6. Whipple whine mod - sound tube?

    TripleB, Racerbox77, I think most of us here have tried the mod with the stock sound tube and aftermarket heater/radiator hoses. It’s cheap and it works, but it doesn’t even compete with the FosterSCmod. What’s funny is, Shawn started that mod thread, I believe. If you’ve ever talked to him...
  7. New Whipple Massive Heat Exchanger w/ Fan Delete

    I'm an idiot, disregard.:headbonk: I confused CHT with IAT's from Mr. Whipple's explanation below. Totally unrelated, and I have no way of monitoring IAT2's, my bad:crazy: "Temps stay 10-20deg cooler at all times during normal operation. Also has fast recovery time for applications like road...
  8. Are Long Tubes worth it with whipple?

    I've been wondering the same about LT header addition. What about the butt meter? Do you lose any torque that you can feel in your seat? And if you do, is the HP gain worth it and dealing with Cali emission's restrictions? Honest questions.
  9. Weird issue

    :lol: Not that doodguy's issue is at all funny, but the Scooby-Doo reference got me. Sorry to hear about this. Hope you get it figured out. Keep us posted.
  10. Tune for Whipple stage 2

    GagneGo, what pulley are you running? 3.75/3.625? There's still more power to be made with the Whipple tune. Smaller pulleys and higher octane will render more HP's. Per the Whipple manual, with the 72# injectors and 100 octane or higher, you can run a 3.375" pulley w/o a BAP. Roh92cp just...
  11. Jmeo's "Take 2" 2017 Auto Build

    Wow! Jaime! Insane. Always taking it to the best level:first:. Looks incredible, my friend. Gonna have to redo mine after seeing this.:frusty: By any chance did you look into the front sway bar end link situation anymore?
  12. New Whipple Massive Heat Exchanger w/ Fan Delete

    For those that want some non-scientific, real daily driving numbers, I sat in bumper to bumper traffice for 2 hours yesterday in 78-80* Cali weather....seemed hotter BTW. My IAT's during stop and go fluctuated from 86-112*. Prior to the new heat exchanger my IAT's, in similar conditions...
  13. Comprehensive Airlift P Install (Pictures Lost)

    Oustanding job, Jaime. All your hard work and patience paid off. Show quality. Incredible ingenuity. Car looks "drop" dead gorgeous. Glad you made the switch to Air Lift. My only regret was not doing it sooner. BTW, thanks for taking the time to document this for others. It's a pain in the rear...
  14. AirLift 3P front end noise with hard cornering

    Evo_Rob. Like Burkey mentioned, this was on the stock PP wheels. Although I inspected and could not find evidence of rubbing, the noise vanished with my HRE wheel (+35 front, +45 rear, 20"x9.5 Front, 20"x10.5 rear) install, proper alignment and reduction of negative camber. I was -2.5 driver's...
  15. Trying to decide on what type of supercharger to go with..

    Love my Whipple for daily drivability and general badassery. Flight Control software, incomparable customer service and constantly improving, revising and upgrading systems that are already out there. If you have ANY issue, it's taken care of. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget and...
  16. New Whipple Massive Heat Exchanger w/ Fan Delete

    I think he was asking what the comparison was based off of... Is the new H/E 15* cooler than the old one running fans? OR Is the new H/E 15* cooler than the old one without fans mounted on it. At least that's the way I understood it.
  17. New Whipple Massive Heat Exchanger w/ Fan Delete

    Jaime, as usual, another great write up. :headbang:
  18. Jmeo's "Take 2" 2017 Auto Build

    Cant wait to see all the new goodies on the car, Jaime. BTW, thanks to you and Shawn (@Roh92cp) for the help yesterday. Best garage day EVER! Oh and Dave....technically he installed the Big Mouth, LOL.