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  1. car turned off on the highway today

    2019 A10 mustang on E85 Lund tune. Car turned off at highway speeds today; was cruising ~85mph and got on the brakes due to upcoming slower traffic. Car downshifts from 10th to 7th as normal, but then turns off when I reach like ~60 mph 0.o scared me since there was upcoming traffic behind...
  2. Re-clock suspension bushings in San Antonio, TX

    I really can't do it in my driveway as I don't have enough leverage/space and I've been to three shops who have no clue what I'm even talking about. Anyone know a shop that can re-clock bushings on a slightly lowered (~0.75") S550?
  3. Texas OEM heated steering wheel for 2018+ Mustang

    Got a new steering wheel so I'm selling my OEM heated steering wheel from my 2019 Mustang GT (10r80). I'm not sure what wiring/programing stuff is needed to make this work on a non-401a pkg car or a manual car as this came from a 10r80 vehicle w/ paddle shifters, so please research this before...
  4. Texas 2018+ OEM Factory RH Passenger Headlight

    Used/like new 2018+ factory passenger side headlight. No functional issues, broken tabs, or cracks. Came off my 2020 GT that was in a collision a few weeks ago primarily involving the front driver side (PASSENGER SIDE WAS UNTOUCHED - see pics below). $350 OBO. Prefer local pickup (San...
  5. WOT log review

    Got a chance to stretch her legs a bit with some digs/WOT runs the other day. Car specs are in my sig - on PS4S street tires, DA was ~3400, and I had a passenger (~155#); gas tested at 84% ethanol Car runs well/logs appear reasonable to me, but I'd appreciate it if someone else who is much...
  6. Throttle body issue?

    Car has 23k miles on it; MAK delete pipes and Lund E85R tune, but otherwise stock engine wise. I've been having an issue where the throttle body is clicking at idle which is accompanied by a drop in spark to <10, exhaust note change, and a small twitch in the vacuum gauge as demonstrated in...
  7. Texas 2018+ Mustang GT stock airbox with Airaid intake tube

    Stock 2018+ Mustang GT airbox and Airaid intake tube. No tune revision required and it should also work with factory tune if you have 2018+ MY. Will ship at buyer's expense; otherwise, $100 OBO in San Antonio, TX
  8. Steering wheel cover?

    Many of the aftermarket steering wheels are out of my budget but I would like to spice things up in the interior. just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with steering wheel covers such as this one seems like a much more budget friendly option
  9. Texas 2015-2021 Rear and Quarter Window Louvers, Matte Black

    Purchased a few months ago but ultimately never installed them. Brand new with all installation hardware included. $100 OBO, prefer pickup in San Antonio, TX. Example of fitment on car:
  10. Texas 2018+ AWE Touring Catback Exhaust for sale

    Previously on my 2020 non-active exhaust, but I picked up new car that has active exhaust, so no use for this anymore. Located in San Antonio Texas. Pickup only as it would cost several hundred to ship and I also don't have packaging to safely ship it out. Price $1000 OBO. Essentially like...
  11. Mach 1 rear valence

    Anyone know if the Mach 1 rear valence will fit on the 2018+ GT bumpers?
  12. Borla S-type axle-back with active exhaust

    Thinking about changing up my exhaust setup which currently consists of: Stock headers with MAK cat delete pipes w/ 3" resonators welded in X-pipe (not sure which brand previous owner installed) Stock active exhaust mufflers I feel indifferent about my current setup (pictured below). I'd...
  13. Erratic fuel trims?

    Before anyone asks, I already sent Lund some logs and waiting on response. I just wanted some outside input from some second (or 3rd) set of eyes. Car is 2019 GT PP1 on E85R Lund tune, Airaid intake tubing w/ stock airbox, and MAK delete pipes. 3 total logs. 1 WOT (albeit short), cruising...
  14. Delete, mistaken post

    Delete, posted in error
  15. Tis a sad day that I wish was an April fools joke.

    I’m cruising down a city street and an elderly lady pulls out of a parking lot, darts across 4 lanes in order to try and get to the other side of the street. Unfortunately, there was no avoiding her and I end up T-boning her car. Steering wheel, driver footwell, and pillar airbags deployed...
  16. 2020 analog dash cluster

    Swapped out my analog cluster to a digital one on my 2020 mustang GT. How much do these analog clusters sell for and are they compatible with 2015-2017 models as well?
  17. Texas Steeda caster/camber plates

    Went a different route, so I’m selling my Steeda caster/camber plates. Also have the spacers, which I’ll include if you want them. $120+shipping costs
  18. Alignment specs

    Got an alignment yesterday. Car is lowered on Eibach prokit springs, camber plates with proaction shocks/struts. Car is DD with occasional drag races, but def looking to get into autoX in the future. Overall, I think car drives great and bumpsteer was noticeably reduced following alignment...
  19. Small leak, used tire repair sealant, now have vibration above 70+

    Just wondering if this is just an out of balance tire issue or a much bigger driveline issue. So my rear driver's side tire was having a consistent 5-7 PSI leak over the last couple of days and I ended up using the tire sealant kit on it. However, I didn't drive the car immediately afterwards...
  20. Help with Steeda proaction adjustable front struts

    One of my Steeda proaction adjustable front struts will not adjust. I’ve put a good amount of force trying to turn it and it will not budge in either direction (CW or CCW). Strut on the other side adjusts easily with the provided tool. Anyone else ever run into this issue or know a way to...