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  1. GT500 Part #'s

  2. Whipple cylinder head temps

    Reinstall the Reische, temps will drop.
  3. Whipple 132MM Eliptical TB & 1st Gear Boost

    I had similar experience after initial install. I installed updated bypass from Whipple, problem fixed.
  4. Will Borla Resonator fit in place of the stock resonator?

    I just received mine and it has the H, which is what I was looking for. I understood that the H would be less raspy?? When I spoke with them they didn't seem think there was much difference between the two. I'm curious as to why they changed it. FYI I spoke with Solo and they will sell just...
  5. Will Borla Resonator fit in place of the stock resonator?

    How does it sound?? What after axle mufflers do you have? Also I spoke with Borla and they said that they redesigned the 60561 and the new design is now an X.
  6. 100% Customer Risk Free Guarantee from Legato Performance Exhaust

    Quote from Legato website " This kit fits 2015 Mustang GT Fastback with 5.0L V8 engine including coupe and convertible. This is a dual rear exit axle back kit with medium aggressive sound. This is comparable to the Flowmaster 40 series exhaust. " just wondered which one?
  7. 100% Customer Risk Free Guarantee from Legato Performance Exhaust

    Which 40 series flowmaster is 40, super 44 or super 40?
  8. 15/16 GT Getting Ford "Track Key" Tune

    Sorry to inform......not 100% on what they will do for the 2015/16 but this could be bad news. Hello Ford Performance Parts Ford Dealers, The purpose of this note is to advise that the following TracKey Parts Numbers are no longer available. Note that these part numbers were Ford Dealer...
  9. Borla vs Borla.......

    Thanks! This is what I was really trying to figure out. Will the factory resonator really be more quiet than the Borla? Here is a pic of inside of factory one, it has very small holes and none through the middle of it. With the Borla being perforated all the way through with a built in x, I...
  10. Borla vs Borla.......

    Cat-back touring vs Axle-back s/type.......which one will be the least aggressive?
  11. Quiet aftermarket catback on a supercharged Stang "What do you guys run?"

    I have cat delete with the rest all factory and have drone. I'm thinking that I may try Pypes cat back and add flowmaster dbx at the back........input??

    Pypes Cat-Back Exhaust w/ H-Box!!
  13. N2mb WOT Box

    I have it installed, works as designed. You will get backfire on no lift shift and cel on 2 step. I haven't adjusted time on no lift shift, hopefully that will help with backfires??
  14. 2015 Quarter Window Louvers- options limited!!!

    Ford Accessories now offers them.....
  15. tire size recommendation

    275/35 NT05 & 305/35 NT05R :thumbsup:
  16. 2.9L whipple surging

    I had this issue from initial install which was Feb 15, at that time I consulted Whipple and they mentioned adding a restrictor. I wasn't open to the idea, so after speaking with them a few more times they sent me a different bypass valve and I haven't had an issue since installing. I believe...
  17. Whipple Oil Catch Can?

    I have the Whipple.
  18. Cheapest 18" drag wheel for front GT/PP

    Is that w/o a spacer?