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  1. Illuminated Pony badges

    Any news on the 5.0 badge? :)
  2. Digital Speedo

    Thanks mate.
  3. Digital Speedo

    I looked around there, I couldn't see it. Is the port covered or facing a direction other than forwards?
  4. Digital Speedo

    dave- Where is the ODB port on our RHD Mustangs please? I need a mod to alter the tyre sizes to correct a discrepancy with the cruise control and speedo.
  5. Correct your speedometer error - no flash or tune required

    Does anyone know where the ODB port is on a RHD Mustang? I checked this video out and it said to just look at the opposite (driver's) side, but I couldn't see the port. [ame=""] I swapped out the factory fronts 255 for 285 and 275 rears for 295. Same wheel diameter but an aspect ratio of...
  6. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    A couple of questions for manual PP 16+ owners who've made the switch: 1. Did you get the high beam indicator to work 2. Does the gear you're in show inside the tacho circle?
  7. Ford Confirms 2019 Shelby GT500 Mustang, Supercharged V8 Over 700HP [Teaser Video]

    Damn, those bonnet (hood) vents look fugly. I guess I'll reserve final judgement until I see them on the car as a whole.
  8. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Yeah the high beams not working properly is a deal-breaker for me, so hopefully someone can fix the issue.
  9. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Ah right, so I'd basically have to swap out all four of the button clusters? (Although the cruise control cluster looks very similar so may get away with that one?)
  10. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Are you sure? How would auto high beams turn off if another car was coming in the opposite direction? That doesn't sound right...
  11. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    There doesn't seem to be a voice command button anymore on the 18 cluster?
  12. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Wouldn't this mean the new steering wheel is NOT required? I sure hope not, as I have the GT350R steering wheel installed and I don't want to change it. Perhaps some kind soul could include instructions on moving the wiring around when the guide is released? :D
  13. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Do you think changing the SCCM module might resolve this?
  14. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    So apart from the high-beam light indicator not showing up, are there any other problems you're aware of?
  15. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Nice one. I don't quite get what you mean when you say "nav". Is it the SatNav? I thought that was part of Sync 3?
  16. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Yeah, I think I'd like to see it working in a manual before I pull the trigger on it. Obviously someone other than p6cl will be doing that LOL.
  17. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    So will someone be publishing a guide with a full breakdown of parts/software required and a step-by-step of how to do this please?
  18. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Can you please post a link to this cluster? That area on my steering wheel has four buttons, voice command, answer call, hang up and mute. I can't see how the new cluster could replace mine without me losing functionality (unless the new cluster has five buttons?)
  19. Digital speedo

    Someone has installed a 2018 in a 2015, go here:
  20. 2018 gauge cluster retrofit

    Do you have a link to these items please? Also, aren't the buttons on 2018 on opposite sides to the 2015, i.e. audio controls are on the left and info display controls on the right? Would you not have to swap them as well?