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  1. Scratch on Driver's Side Window

    I made a light, but long, scratch on the outside of the driver's side window of my Mustang 2020 GT. It seems I used a microfiber that was imbedded with something hard. Very frustrating. The scratch doesn't seem to be deep because I can't feel it when I glide my finger over it and my nail...
  2. Mustang Newbie Needs Advice

    I bought a 2020 GT PP1 and doing research on buying a second set of wheels/tires for daily driving. I want to keep my stock wheels and tires but for fall/winter I want to swap them out. I think I want a square setup so I can rotate tires. Looking to get something sporty but don’t want to...
  3. Allow dealer to wash or no?

    What advice do you all have regarding allowing the dealer to prep wash the car you are buying (new vehicle)? Allow them to do it or tell them not to and do it yourself? If it isn’t clean at dealer how would I even know if there are problems?
  4. Is this a good deal?

    This is my first post as I am hoping to become a new Mustang owner soon. Dealer price for an 2020 GT (coupe), 401A, BO sound, safe and smart, active exhaust, PP1 and red metallic CC is $45,500. Includes rebates and doc fee. just want to know if the price is about right. Thanks for your help...