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  1. Colored Carbon Fiber Hood

    That is funny, that is exactly why I am asking :)
  2. Colored Carbon Fiber Hood

    Has anyone either A been able to hydrodip a hood for our cars or do companies like TrueFiber offer their hoods in colored carbon?
  3. Steeda's S550 Billet Rear Shock Mounts Are Finally Here!

    Just wanting to confirm. These are the right ones for the Viking Warriors correct?
  4. Still Lost

    Yeah I am thinking I will go that route. Now just need to decide if i do lockout kit or steeda parts :)
  5. Still Lost

    anyone running the performce spring from BMR and steeda pro non adj? Thinking I might just go that route and steeda rear strut bracket.
  6. Still Lost

    Thanks for the replies guys. Yes I am keen on lowering. The car is also in many shows but still needs to maintain ride comfort. Was going to do air suspension but don't want to fork out the money for it. So trying to compromise so to say.
  7. Still Lost

    I have read pages and pages of information in here. However, I have not seen anything that I think completely suits my needs. There are too many biased answers and obviously I do not expect that to change much. This is the interwebs. However, I am trying to change out the suspension on my PP GT...
  8. UPR Catch Can Owners share your installs here.

    Yeah i didnt know about the clip you are refering to either. I was talking about the wire by washer fluid. Clip that off the rest is a breeze except the wiring underneath which is yeah a bit of a pain lol.
  9. What can we do for You?

    Pm sent
  10. UPR Catch Can Owners share your installs here.

    Hmm you should scratch anything. If you unclip the wire on top just unscrew the can after disconnecting the hoses.
  11. BMR spring with

    Ok so I'm getting 2 sets of BMR performance springs. The PP struts are coming off my car and going to my wife's. Now for mine I need new struts and shocks. Car is a daily driver and it cannot be a rough ride. I'm a combat veteran with back and spine issues. So I need something that can be soft...
  12. What can we do for You?

    Price on Black side mirror for 17 mustang GT please. Just the covers
  13. UPR Catch Can Owners share your installs here.

    Didn't realise it can be unclipped. I just kept forcing it to seperate a bit lol. I got it flat after a bit so I'm not complaining lol.
  14. UPR Catch Can Owners share your installs here.

    You have to move the wire harness a bit to tuck it inbetween it. It's a bit rough still as it seems it's not as easy to do with the 17 as it shows in the picture. That was actually one of my biggest problems when installing these. The harness definitely do not want to move at all. I wonder if...
  15. UPR Catch Can Owners share your installs here.

    Ok I said I would put some pictures up and maybe even help clear up anyone doing the filter upgrade lol. Poor Joe went round and round with me on this. Then realised what he was saying after 20 times this is the can installed and how you do the filter upgrade ROFL.
  16. The P1X is out in the wild...

    tempting is all I have to say, keep going between turbo and centri
  17. UPR Catch Can Owners share your installs here.

    Look at first post pictures, I believe there is also a Youtube video. But the screw puts the post onto the strut tower section. Then you have can with washer and bar. To tighten down that you use a washer and handle looking deal. i know not the best explanation. I am at work though and internet...
  18. Cowl Hood, CF by Watson

    I really like how it keeps the lines. I hate seeing cowl hood because i have changed my mind so many times on hoods. It has boiled down to i want a cowl hood with heat vents :). The only one I seen so far is from trufiber.