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  1. Knee airbag issue

    I had accident and only knee airbag blowed What can I do with that? Any suggestions? Until I get new one I wanna keep like that but I’m worry about
  2. need mustang hood from hawaii to japan

    Hello since shipping is very expensive from USA to Japan , im looking for shop in hawaii or person in hawaii to buy HOOD (carbon-fiberglass or used oem)
  3. GT Grille on Ecoboost

    Can we use GT upper and lower grille on ecoboost bumper , as long as i know bumper cover is same advise please ....
  4. need ford global support

    hello as you may know im in japan i got this car already 3 years and since i receive, so many problems occurred and dealer says "oh we fix by warranty" ok good but why i have to take my car million times to dealer to fix ? 3 times headlights, 2 times brake discs 1 time transmission 3 time...
  5. fuel pump noise ..

    i found my fuel pump little noisy like ticking sound..when i pull plug out at the top sounds gone and engine response same is it normal?
  6. p0087 code

    Ok i need help , i got this code P0087 but after this code i changed low pressure sensor, battery and spark plugs but still car need more fuel ... how do i check either Throttle Body or Fuel pump is failed... can i check by myself , first dealer 2 hours a way ....
  7. battery & plugs

    Hello i need help with battery and plug recommend or code numbers denso or ngk Code for plugs AC delco battery or any suggestion for battery my car died and i need to change does parts :(
  8. P0234 Turbocharger / Supercharger "A" Overboost Condition Code

    i have this error code and my engine keep blocking the power after i hit gas can anyone help me ?
  9. engine failure

    after i made some changes like exhaust CAi computer tune... my now act like 3 cylinder and loss power when i hit the gas i got engine mark on gauges and i can feel engine runs sick on idling can anyone tell me what can be ??
  10. sctx4

    hello i have this device on my ecoboost premium.. can anyone tell me best settings step by step? i accept all but something wrong..i loose power sometimes:headbonk:
  11. tire pressure

    what is your recommended tire pressure for 255/35r20 and 285/30r20 i kind of feel soft my continental extreme contact :ford::cheers:
  12. SYNC adding application??

    since this SYNC if computer by microsoft cant we add new application ? what can we do for use more?:ninja::ford:
  13. SCT X4 asking for update !!(need solution)

    i already update the device and plug in to OBD ...message again please update what should i do??:headbonk: my car is 2015 ecoboost :brokenheart:
  14. I NEED HELP !!!

    first im not in US, i live in Japan i have 2015 mustang ecoboost premium 50 years since i had this car they change, 2 times front brake disc, 2 times automatic transmission, rear camera , control panel.... ok problem is they still wanna change parts but everytime i have to go 1 hours away pay...
  15. ecoboost premium brake pads

    any suggestion from ebay ?? i need to replace pads i wanna buy more powerful pads
  16. Changing stats to 12mm

    hello i dont know if anyone asked before, i want to bujy japanese rims and they all for 12 mm stats.. anyone have changed stats or add spacer to use japanese wheels?? 14mm --> 12mm any suggestion??:frusty:
  17. ecoboost automatic cant drift?

    is this a problem or not ? i turn off traction control everything but still dont wanna spin and lock back... any suggestion to make it happen? :headbang:
  18. different tire size

    i have 2015 ecoboost 50 years 9.5j 45 if i use 245/40 and 275/35 rear would be any trouble for me ? my car is way low by the way :headbang:
  19. external AV install to SYNC

    did anyone installed external dvd player or anything else to watch video by main screen? someone please give some idea to make this useless device to a at least watch music videos :headbonk:
  20. Sports Mode issue

    i have ecoboost and when i drive in highway with paddle-shift, and hit accel , accel wont back for a while is this a problem , i feel unsafe when i drive :(