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  1. GT Grille on Ecoboost

    And done thanks to you
  2. Knee airbag issue

    Thank you for detail I was in parking lot and the pole suddenly hit me for no reason Only knee airbag deployed and yes there is red light inside on
  3. Knee airbag issue

    Super ideas coming lol I never had before so it is safe drive like this? Or should I do something with fuse or cable or just use my air BAG for shopping
  4. Knee airbag issue

    I had accident and only knee airbag blowed What can I do with that? Any suggestions? Until I get new one I wanna keep like that but I’m worry about
  5. GT Grille on Ecoboost

    what is this lip spoiler ? oem? or aftermarket looks better
  6. need mustang hood from hawaii to japan

    Hello since shipping is very expensive from USA to Japan , im looking for shop in hawaii or person in hawaii to buy HOOD (carbon-fiberglass or used oem)
  7. GT Grille on Ecoboost

    so i better get lip spoiler too right?
  8. GT Grille on Ecoboost

    Can we use GT upper and lower grille on ecoboost bumper , as long as i know bumper cover is same advise please ....
  9. p0087 code

    nobody had this one?:crackup:
  10. need ford global support

    hello as you may know im in japan i got this car already 3 years and since i receive, so many problems occurred and dealer says "oh we fix by warranty" ok good but why i have to take my car million times to dealer to fix ? 3 times headlights, 2 times brake discs 1 time transmission 3 time...
  11. battery & plugs

    update battery --> ac delco lmf3 plugs --> Denso ITV22 done
  12. fuel pump noise ..

    i found my fuel pump little noisy like ticking sound..when i pull plug out at the top sounds gone and engine response same is it normal?
  13. p0087 code

    Ok i need help , i got this code P0087 but after this code i changed low pressure sensor, battery and spark plugs but still car need more fuel ... how do i check either Throttle Body or Fuel pump is failed... can i check by myself , first dealer 2 hours a way ....
  14. battery & plugs

    Hello i need help with battery and plug recommend or code numbers denso or ngk Code for plugs AC delco battery or any suggestion for battery my car died and i need to change does parts :(
  15. P0234: Turbocharger Overboost Condition

    i just back to dealer and let them check by computer, they didint find the reason but suggest me to change CAI to stock hahahahah ford cant find? so whos gonna ?
  16. engine failure
  17. P0234: Turbocharger Overboost Condition

    and what happened , they just send you home? or they gave you new car? RIP? oh answer was there REPLACED :)