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  1. GT For Sale OEM Rear GT350R Seat Delete Panel

    Try shipping greyhound. Just did this for one of these coming from Arizona to Maryland. Shipping was $120.
  2. Florida OEM GT350R spoiler

    exactly. The ceramic coat would have to be added to where it isnt on top of adding PPF and ceramic to the spoiler fill holes. This Is something I’d really like to do but the amount of work I’d have to do just makes it a hard sell. I need someone to completely swap deck lids with me to make...
  3. Florida OEM GT350R spoiler

    Interesting...the downside for me is that I’ve already cermaic coated and PPF my rear deck which would have to be redone after I install this and plug the holes from my stock stock spoiler. Wish I’d have done this first.
  4. Maryland WTB-GT350R RSD

    Still looking...
  5. Question on Lug nuts

    Anyone got the part number for the black FP lugs for GT350?
  6. Maryland WTB-GT350R RSD

    Looking for GT350R RSD. Hit me up if you’ve got one for sale with hardware.
  7. Arizona Watson roll cage and gt500 rear seat delete

    I’d love to have the RSD but I’m quite a distance from you you and not sure how well that would ship.
  8. GT For Sale OEM Rear GT350R Seat Delete Panel

    I’m interested. I’m in Maryland so not sure if I’m close enough to meet. Let me know.
  9. GT JLT Oil Separator, car cover, Jacking rail, and oil change kit

    I'll take the jacking rails....if still available. I'm in Clarksburg, MD so can meet up. Do you have the hardware as well for the jacking rails?
  10. Texas GT350 Bob's Oil Separators (Both Sides) and Steeda Jacking Rails

    If you want to ship jacking rails I’m interested
  11. Florida Watson Racing 4pt red roll cage

    Watching......if this sticks around long enough I might have to grab it.
  12. "Official" GT350 Wheel Specs

  13. UPR Catch Can Owners share your installs here.

    Subscribing. Did a quick run through and didn't see a GT350 specifically but, maybe not a big deal. What about pics of the options for the catch can? trying to figure out how to configure.
  14. Voodoo oil catch can. JLT vs UPR

    Can you break down the options shown on your site for your catch cans? Perhaps they are obvious to others but not me. I was looking for an explanation of each, what it does. Also are some options in place of others? I like what I see and may order. My car has about 1500 miles on it. Unlikely...
  15. 2019 GT350 Rear Spoiler

    I like it and would like to swap mine out for for when it's available.
  16. 2017 GT350 Pricing

    Wow...that is a steal. Nice color.... That was my second choice...well actually tied close for 1 with triple yellow!
  17. 2017 GT350 Pricing

    Ugh...bought a 2017 GT350 in October 2018. I think I overpaid just a tad but, it's the exact car I wanted. 964 miles.... local owner bought from the dealer I bought. Car is a CPO and pristine but, I think I could have got for less. I got a bit anxious. I paid $53,500.00 plus TTL Oh...
  18. All new for 2018! Ford Mustang wheels: Project 6GR 10-TEN Spoke Shelby GT350 GT350R

    ORDERED!! Can't wait to get them. THank you!