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  1. Do Track Attack cars have blip shift?

    I had my Ford Performance Racing School #17 car at Hallett a few days ago. It dawned on me that it seems to have some sort of blip shift installed. I did not heel and toe this outing and the car seemed to do it for me. I noticed it when a friend drove it and when I drove it in town. Has anyone...
  2. To all FPRS Gt350 owners.

    Like 16 others, you have a former Ford Performance Racing School car. (One of you lucky people bought 2) I am going to use mine relatively unchanged as a track car mostly. I am a little OCD and hate the air bag light illuminated on the dash. I also fear this will prevent me from buying an...
  3. Thank you Tomster

    I just wanted to publicly thank Tomster for selling me one of the unavailable FL2087 filters. The spring thaw is rapidly underway here and without his help I would not have been able to keep making progress on the Ford Performance Racing School car #17 (Ramsey). Thanks again.
  4. Montana WTB GT350 Rear Wheels

    I'm looking for a pair of GT350 rear wheels. I don't care if they are a little scuffed up. I plan on painting or powder coating them anyway. I also don't care if they are the early or later style as long as they are 19's. I am going to use them as fronts for a square setup.
  5. Thank you Voodooldo

    I. just wanted to thank member Voodooldo. He sent me my missing rear seat delete bolt for my FPRS car. He did this for free and asked nothing in return. It was also the best packed bolt I have ever seen. Thank you again. My interior is complete.
  6. Ford Performance Racing School car #17

    I picked up FPRS car #17 that I drove in the track attack 5/1/2016. I plan on using the car primarily as a track car. Hopefully I can figure out how to shrink and upload pictures.
  7. What are the sensors on the core support?

    Just as the tittle says. What are the two sensors on each side of the core support? I recently bought a FPRS Track Attack car and they are both unplugged. I suspect they are the reason for my air bag light. I didn't want to just plug them back in without knowing what they are. I never noticed...
  8. Missing seat delete bolt

    Does anyone have one seat delete bolt for the GT350 seat delete kit? My FPRS GT350 only came with one. I have bought some hardware store bolts for the time being but I would like the correct bolt. Ford can get them but I have to but 4 for $20.
  9. How many flywheel failures out there?

    Having just bought one of the Ford Performance Racing School cars, I was perusing the Oasis report after hearing that all 18 cars had replacement engines. I found my car in particular (#17) had experienced severe vibration above 3000 RPM and had actually had a flywheel failure. This failure and...
  10. Service Charging System Now not warranty?

    So I got a Charging system service now message after spirited driving. Took it to the dealer. They saw codes in the memory but could not replicate the problem. Instead of this being an extended warranty issue, they want to charge me $132 diagnostic fee since they didn't replace any parts. Does...
  11. Transmission installation?

    How in the world does this transmission reinstall? It seems the bellhousing wants to bottom out on the underside of the car before the input shaft is in line with the splines on the clutch. I would hate to drop the subframe. Any suggestions:frusty:?
  12. Transmission Cooler install pictures?

    Does anyone have any pictures of the factory transmission cooler lines or installation. I'm not sure how to route the cooler lines and I'm confused by the pictures in the factory instructions.
  13. Poor XM reception

    Has anyone come up with a solution for our poor XM reception?
  14. What is needed for diminished value?

    My 350 was rear ended by a texting teen. Damage is about $6100.00. Does anyone know what I need to submit to AAA for a diminished value claim? The adjuster wasn't very forthcoming.
  15. Rear ended by a texting teen

    Well sitting at a stoplight, I noticed the young driver behind me looking down ant to his right as we sat there. I thought, he's texting, I hope he's paying attention. I look back ahead and the light turns green and wham. He apparently caught the green light out of the corner of his eye and...
  16. Cobra Club Willow Springs open track

    Well, I completed a 2 day open track with the LA Cobra Owners Club. My Tech Pack car surprised me. Willow is a fast track and I feared going into limp mode. I spent the first day running the track in 4th gear. With the wide power band it was no problem and my times were consistent although...
  17. Track only tires?

    For those of you with track tires. What are you running and why. Thinking road race type like for the upcoming COCOA open track at Willow Springs.