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  1. The Big Fat Track Car Cooling Thread

    Is there any walk through of somebody who's gone through and sealed up their radiator? is it possible to do all this without removing the front bumper and just go through the bottom belly pan after it's removed?
  2. The Beginning of Cooling Issues

    Truth. This is also why the manuals recomend 5w 20 for daily driving but 5w 30 for track use.
  3. Schroth's Quick Fit

    I was able to get them both through
  4. Federal 595RS-PRO tires

    Its a shame they don't make these in larger sizes. These are half or less the price of my NT01s. They might not be quite as fast but NT01 is a 100tw tire so these should last longer. I doubt that would be the case though. Not only does the NT01 wear like iron but I run a 18x11 305 tire. If I ran...
  5. Federal 595RS-PRO tires

    Interesting tire. I wonder how they do in the rain. Prob pretty terrible. RE71 level I would think. Looks like no tax and no shipping fees. Pretty good deal on 200tw tire.
  6. GT350 Engine Refresh - Part 2

    Cool videos man. I always like watching teardowns, wishing I had the time/skill/money to do the same. We were out at MSR Cresson together last Octoberish I think. Orange GT #818, we talked about the difference in handling with/without the TC on. You also recommended ST43 pads as I was shopping...
  7. What race seats are you using? Are you using sliders?

    DFW, Texas. There are some race shops by MSR Cresson, Summit racing has a retail shop. But I'm not aware of any showrooms with a lot of chairs to try out. I just installed the quick fit in my 2018 by adding the buckle for the 2015 so I'm excited to see how they help out.
  8. What race seats are you using? Are you using sliders?

    Any of you guys with racing seats tall? I'm 6'4 and nothing I've seen at the race shops fit me. They usually only have one to three on hand though.
  9. Track day number plates

    I dont think Ive ever seen that number out at the track. I bet you would be good much more often than not. I went to a three digit when I had door magnets made. Id be mad if I spent 80 bucks and still had to use painters tape all the time.
  10. Where are your next events?

    @SteedaTech is the car stripped out for weight reduction? What's the curb weight?
  11. PS4S Track Rain Day & DD Alternative

    These will be rain/DD tires. Maybe the occasional dry day of mixed conditions when the weather won't cooperate. These won't be to set records in the rain. Rain days are about sliding around and working on car control for me, never times. I wouldn't mind the price of the PS4S if they didn't...
  12. PS4S Track Rain Day & DD Alternative

    I've got a dedicated set of track wheels, just need something for rain or certain occasions, or Time trials where I need at least a 200tw tire for the class ect. PS4S is a great tire it just gets torn up. RE71 with pretty wide shoulder tread blocks. Haven't really seen people have trouble with...
  13. PS4S Track Rain Day & DD Alternative

    I don't mind giving them a shot. They are about a little over 100 dollars cheaper per tire. The shoulder tread blocks don't really look any wider though. Im thinking about going with a more stretched tire too like 275 on a 10 in wide rim. Maybe a lower aspect ratio too like 30 to not allow the...
  14. PS4S Track Rain Day & DD Alternative

    I use a dedicated set of NT01 for dry days and have used the PS4S for DD or if it rains, and occasionally at the track on a dry day. (Spares/punctured track tire/worn out track tire before I could get a new set ect) The car is basically 80/20 track street. Unfortunately my home track uses a...
  15. Stock 4S’s for Year Round Driving.

    I live in Texas and its my second vehicle soooo... I drove them once when it was 20 outside. Bad idea. They have ZERO traction, like, spin the tires from a stoplight on accident light throttle. I do leave them on year round but only because I have very few times I have to drive it below freezing.
  16. Cheapest Place to buy tires?

    Performance tread does look to be the cheapest of everything I've found. Looks like trackdaytire has a cheap R888R in 295/30/18 at 277ish each. That's getting a little short (almost 3 in shorter than stock, 1/2 in shorter than my current track setup 305/35/18). It would be steached a bit on...
  17. Cheapest Place to buy tires?

    18 x 11s squared.
  18. Cheapest Place to buy tires?

    HPDEs and possibly time trials for 2020. The federal tire doesn't come in anything wider than 275 in 18, at least on that website.
  19. Cheapest Place to buy tires?

    Like the title says, just wondering how you guys try to save money on track tires. I'm planning on NT01s (305/35/18) but I may try to pick up a set of take off slicks. I'll prob get the Nittos for longevity as the take offs look to be around 600 shipped and wont last as long. I think discount...