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  1. Amusing Reactions to your Mach 1

    this thread is a riot. :crackup:
  2. I traded in my 2-seater Hybrid for a V8

    congrats ! you'll get used to the visilabity as you you become more familiar with your stang. After while it will become second nature.
  3. Issue with mach 1

    wow. :crazy:
  4. Issue with mach 1

    You want pride ? buy a Maserati. 🤣
  5. Gas prices in your area

    no difference at this time as far as I can tell.
  6. Gas prices in your area

    In Frankfurt, today's average price for Super 95 is about € 2,224 per liter. This is € 10,09 or $ 11 for a gallon.
  7. Will Gas Prices Affect Mustang Value?

    Don't believe everything MSM tells you.
  8. Will Gas Prices Affect Mustang Value?

    AKA " the global reset" 🤫
  9. Damn may have lost my Bullitt Mustang today😳

    This is all on the OP. 17 year old female has no business driving such a car. Nevertheless, good that she is alright.
  10. 2021 Mustang Mach 1 Orders to be cancelled because commodity shortages

    It seems to me that despite the shortfalls and cancellations , FoMoCo actually delivered on the estimated numbers of M1's for 2021. If I remember correctly when the car was officially introduced and showed to the public, Ford brass said the car would be " somewhat limited " and around 5K...
  11. I’m joining the ranks of those with a Mach 1 delayed

    Rona has a far reach. :rain:
  12. Salvaged Mach 1’s

    With as long as it's taking people to get these cars and this is what they do when when they get them . :facepalm:
  13. Salvaged Mach 1’s

    It had to happen eventually.
  14. Mach 1 Ordering Update

    I'd rather have the Euro spec Mach 1 for many reasons.
  15. Mach 1 Ordering Update

    Not in Germany. :cwl:
  16. Mach 1 Ordering Update

    I talked to dealer about Germany orders. He said that no orders were accepted for MY 2021. Basicially everything a year behind due to world wide computer chip shortage. Order banks open late October 2021 for Mach 1 MY 2021.5 and delivery expected August 2022. If lucky perhaps next July.
  17. Dashboard electronic issues

    Thanks. That makes sense. :thumbsup:
  18. Dashboard electronic issues

    Hey guys. Dashboard panel pulled and this socket not plugged in. Anyone have any idea what this socket pertains to ?
  19. Carpenter beeeeeees

    I had a terrible problem with paper wasps a few years ago. To make matters worse, In Germany , its against the law to kill wasps or bees. I BS you not. :explode: That summer was a bumper harvest of wasps throughout Germany. Lots of hot dry weather helped them flourish. Nevertheless, I spent a...