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  1. New York Racestar dark stars 17x9.5 with Mickey Thompson ET street R drag radials

    Hey guys up for sale here is a pair of rear dark stars 17x9.5 wheels with Mickey Thompson ET street R drag radials 305/45/17. Wheels are in excellent condition no curb rash. Tires have life left in them. Had these on my ecoboost for a summer then took them off and they sat in my garage ever...
  2. New York Levels performance intercooler Ecoboost mustang

    Hey guys up for sale is my levels performance ecoboost intercooler. This was on my 16 mustang for about 2 years and it was the best modification I have done. I bought this direct from nick over at levels performance and waited several months for it to be built , well worth the wait, as this is...
  3. New York Cobb accessport for sale with free shipping

    Hey guys , up for sale is a Cobb accessport for the ecoboost mustang . I had this on my 16 ecoboost and it’s in like new condition with the plastic still on the screen . Comes with everything you see in the pics including the original box with two Cobb decals , carrying case , brand new extra...
  4. Levels intercooler wait time

    Hey guys, I placed an order with Nik from levels performance early September for a ecoboost mustang street intercooler and still waiting on it. Any guys who have placed you order with levels , How long did you wait for your intercooler?
  5. $150 to spend ... Tune + transmission tune or Tune + WGA

    Hey guys as the title reads , I have a spare 150 bucks to spend , whats my best choice performance wise between the two mods? I would love to knock a few tenths off my ET at the track . I'm already tuned by Adam. Any input would be appreciated thanks guys
  6. 26 inch drag radial or 28 inch for 3.15 gears

    Hey guys just purchased a pair of racestars 17x9.5 for my ecoboost , and now I need a pair of drag radials. Did some research but got a lot of mixed reviews as to what size I should go with 26 inch or 28 inch drag radials considering I have 3.15 gears. Any input from you guys would be appreciated .
  7. Cobb OTS stage 1 harsh shifts/shift points

    Hey guys i've been running the stage 1 OTS cobb tune now for about a month and just driving around the city instead of shifting at 1500-1800k like the stock tune, it wants to shift at 2500-2700k which is a real pain when driving in traffic or in the city. Also the 1-2 shift on the car are real...
  8. Hum noise at exactly 65mph

    Hey guys just picked up my new ecoboost mustang a few days ago and noticed a really strange humming noise at exactly 65mph on any road surface . Certain it's coming from the front of the vehicle so I know it's not exhaust drone and it's very noticeable at that speed. It happens on any road...