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  1. Anyone finally receive a Mach1 car cover from Ford

    Called the salesman yesterday, he will be checking on Tuesday. Hopefully they have it.
  2. Anyone finally receive a Mach1 car cover from Ford

    I purchased a 22 Mach1 today and there was no car cover included. It is listed on the window sticker.
  3. Official Mach 1 Mustang Owners Registry

    22 Mach1 Shadow Black 6-speed Chassis number N1451 Purchased 7-2-22 Location is Ohio
  4. Ford Mustang DARK HORSE Special Edition Trademarked

    My current GT looks a lot like the dark horse option:
  5. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed a Roush H-pipe. A buddy of mine took a short video when I left his house. The exhaust is in track mode.
  6. Just picked up Mach 1 OEM Staggered Dark Charcoal Wheels 19" x 11" 10.5"! What tires should I put on them?

    The fronts poke out just a little. The rear wheels do not poke out at all. The car needs to be lowered. Mine tramlines a little with 285's in the front. I have Continental DWS 315's on the Challenger with no tramlinning.
  7. GT Active Valve Exhaust

    My new GT has the active exhaust. To make it a little louder I added the Roush H pipe to replace the suit case. Awesome exhaust.
  8. Just picked up Mach 1 OEM Staggered Dark Charcoal Wheels 19" x 11" 10.5"! What tires should I put on them?

    I went with the Continental Extreme Contact tire to go with the Mach 1 handling pack wheels. Waiting on the tires to come in at the local Discount Tire to get them installed.
  9. 1/4 mile drag times 2020 GT500 post them share them.

    My first run at our local test and tune was 11.14. Still learning the car. I need to learn to launch the car better. It takes off and then bogs every time. The car is 100% stock.
  10. 2020 GT500 Registry - Add Yours

    L5720 - 5787
  11. 3,000 RPM Limit

    I just hit a little over 100 miles and still getting the limit at 3,000 rpms. When does this stop happening so I can drive the car hard which is the reason I bought the car. There is a yellow line on the tach at 3,000 rpms and the shift light beeps over 3,000 rpms. I set the audible tone in...
  12. New 2020 GT500 Poor Quality Work From Ford

    I went to Ford's website and built a 2021. It states the adjustable strut mounts are installed at the factory. The gurney flap, splitter wickers and catch can are post sale install items. This could be different from 2020. The price in 2020 was $1,500 and the price in 2021 is $1,750.
  13. New 2020 GT500 Poor Quality Work From Ford

    Just picked up a 2020 GT500 last night. Traded in my 2019 GT350. My 350 build quality was very good. All the body panels were very good. The GT500's body panels are awful to say the least. My car has the vinyl strip option too. The stripes are terrible. They laid the stripes over dirt and hair...
  14. Mach 1 a higher performer than the 350?

    The Mach 1 is not going to be that much cheaper with a starting price just under $53K. I was going to wait for a new Mach 1, I loved my 2004 CO Mach 1, but for a few thousand more I picked up a 2019 GT350.
  15. California Trade cloth for leather

    Watch EBay, I purchased a set of OEM leather take off seat covers for $355 shipped.
  16. Ohio Thread

    Paul's Automotive or Finish Line. I have used both and they do great work.
  17. Ohio Dark Stars with MT Tires

    For sale is a slightly used set of Dark Star drag racing set with Mickey Thompson tires. Only used one night at the track - 4 passes. The rears are 15x10 with MT ET Street Radials. The fronts are 17x7 MT Sportsman SR. $1,500 or best offer.
  18. 18 mustang drag mode

    All you need to do is disconnect the traction control wire that is on the inner fender by the stock CAI. Do this while at the track and there will be no traction control at all.
  19. DIY 18' manifold swap into 15-17'

    Here are the lockouts I used - Much cheaper option and work great.