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  1. Best tint for taillights?

    Headlight in "tint". You can see how visible even the daytime lights are through the tint, headlights and running lights come through just as well.
  2. Best tint for taillights?

    If you do the lightest from Big worm (tint) it's very light and looks great without any notable dimming of the lights. I have the full kit in the "tint" shade (although earlier in this thread I said gunsmoke) and you really don't really even notice they are tinted unless I tell people and they...
  3. Official RTR Tech 7 Install Thread!

    No rubbing issues. I would have done 275 because on a 9.5" wheel you don't really get any contact patch advantage but I wanted the smidge extra height it gave with a 35 profile.
  4. Scoops or not

    I have scoops on my car and like them as I feel the car looks a bit plain without something to there and I roll my eyes at haters that say fake scoops are dumb or I like the clean look of no scoops and rip on them. If you like the way they look keep them, but....the point of a Bullitt is to...
  5. Official RTR Tech 7 Install Thread!

    Tech 5's but have the same offset and backspace as the Tech 7's, 33mm/168mm. 20x9.5 with 285/35 Firestone 500s, stock suspension. The driveway has a bit on slant to it so it adds a bit of fender gap vs when it is parked flat.
  6. Official RTR Tech 7 Install Thread!

    Best I have for flushness right now
  7. Official RTR Tech 7 Install Thread!

    It's the wheels and their offset that will dictate poke or not. RTR designed these wheels for the Mustang so they shouldn't poke, however they are at the edge to be flush and suspensions from car to car vary a bit thus some cars may have some poke and some do not but some alignment changes...
  8. Official RTR Tech 7 Install Thread!

    You shouldn't rub if that's what you mean, but the rear might have slight poke unless you add the right camber. I saw that size before and it was a matter of opinion if it was poke or fully flush. You will definitely have some speedo error going from nonPP size like 255/40 R19 to 305/35 R20...
  9. Master rear spoiler thread -- Post yours here!

    Are you sure that is a real Toush spoiler? The fitment seems different than mine. If it's not real it may only be held on by 3m.
  10. All over the news now. Study shows Chevrolet Corvette most deadly car in the USA

    People in a Mustang are more likely to survive a crash because the impact is cushioned by all the soft bodies in crowd they hit.
  11. 20x10 and 20x11 Tires, stock height

    You can run different heights front and rear without issue however like said above you will see a difference in fender gap. PP has a 27 inch front and 27.9 inch rear stock and you can see the front has noticeably more gap. When I squared up my PP with 285 35 20's the fender gap is now even f/r...
  12. Black out badges/kits etc.

    White bear Ford has them for $26 for the factory pair but $8 shipping, so $34 total.
  13. BMR IRS Lockout and BMR Red Diff insert NVH question ???

    Clunks and whine was likely there before but now being transmitted to the cabin more as you firm up the bushings. Most likely the diff bushings. The BMR I believe are 95 durometer which is pretty stiff and will transmit more. I wouldn't reccomend running only 2, all or nothing. I have the...

    Been waiting a few months till it warmed up and I could clean the car before I posted pics with the new wheels but that doesn't seem to be coming anytime soon. Hadn't been started in a few months so I pulled off the cover and snapped one real quick. Edit: RTR Tech 5 20x9.5 square, 285 40...
  15. Deciding on an MGW Shifter

    You have the bolt loose and are just trying to put it out? If so you need to unbolt your transmission cross member so you can pull down on the tailshaft to buy you the smidge of room needed to get the bolt out.
  16. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    With no lift shift you keep the gas mashed to the floor and it will keep you from over revving the engine between gears by cutting power. It engages when it senses the clutch is pressed, so if you just push the clutch a little from say preparing to shift you can trip the no lift to engage early...
  17. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    ^^^This ^^^ Not forced to use it however the clutch pedal switch is very sensitive to pressure and it you touch it early right before a shift or are slow to release you can have your engine stutter and its embarrassing. I disliked it a lot at first but find if used correctly make the shifts...
  18. Best tint for taillights?

    Another Big Worm fan here. Got their full kits in smoke and love it. Easy install, solid tint and looks great. No issues after a year.
  19. 2019 - Velocity blue

    We need one of velocity blue in the sun to truly compare it to LB. The one above of VB looks to be a cloudy day and looks similar to the LB in the sun. On a cloudy day my LB looks much darker.

    Is it just me or does the rear brake placement on that Shelby look goofy?