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  1. Lead Time

    Sounds about right to me. I ordered mine mid-February 2019, and received it late June 2019 (although there were shenanigans that affected that lead time, so DEFINITELY don't take that as an accurate impression!). Given the whole situation with the semiconductors and the 'rona, 6-8 sounds...
  2. Formula 1 talk.

    Absolutely the right call not to properly start that race. I've seen far, far too many serious crashes this year, including a fatality last month at a race track. Only today, I was at Brands Hatch and a car vaulted the barriers and ended up in the trees. And as for Spa, we had the monster shunt...
  3. Disklock position and indent

    Yep, this is how I do it. Handle on the left hand side, vertically, and with the stretchy disklok steering wheel cover in place, I've not had any dents to speak of.
  4. American Speedfest 2021 - 3 & 4 July

    Apologies for being rather late to posting these, but I've finally got internet again after moving house at the back end of June. Anyway, here are a few of the snaps I took on Sunday morning during and after the big downpour.
  5. New GT, some questions

    I've got the Ghost on mine. It's pretty good for the most part, although it does have a tendency to throw the engine light if I put the code in too soon/late after turning on the ignition. However, Autowatch are pretty good with support, and there might be an update now to stop that happening...
  6. Formula 1 talk.

    Absolutely brilliant, and there's no need to worry about "was it fair to do the restart, or should they have left it?" as the whole race has exactly zero bearing on the title race. Win-win
  7. British GT 2021

    Bit of a disaster for the Mustang in that one. Contact was right in front of me.....
  8. Haynes Maidstone

    I bought my one from there. Generally very friendly and helpful to buy from, although I had to fight them when my door actuator broke, and their idea of repairing it was to fit heated and cooled seat buttons to the dash (yeah, work that one out!). On the plus side, a fair few Mustangs come...
  9. American Speedfest 2021 - 3 & 4 July

    I'm planning to go both days this year, all being well
  10. Xpel Protection Film

    Got mine done in the XPEL PPF a while back now, and with the 10 year guarantee, I think it worked out at roughly £140/year in essence. Got the bumper, bonnet, front wings, skirts, A-pillars and about 6 inches of the roof done, I'd say it's worth it for the peace of mind alone, rather than...
  11. Formula 1 talk.

    Yeah, a bit of a mess on the track limits. A few people seemed to get confused, so for the avoidance of doubt, this is what the FIA told all teams on Friday. Going wide in T4 during the race not monitored Passing off the track still not allowed. Max passed Lewis off the track, So had to give...
  12. Formula 1 talk.

    His voice came to define Formula 1 for generations of fans – but today it was announced that legendary commentator Murray Walker has passed away, aged 97. Murray Walker OBE 1923-2021