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  1. 2010-2014 mustang radio clips!

    I need to locate the clips that hold the radio bezel in for the 2010-2014 mustangs. Finding the 2016+ are easy, but I've exhausted myself trying to find them for 2010-2014. Can anyone help?
  2. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    From the pictures online the BV57 doesn't appear to have a flange to bolt it in the same spot... How did you mount it?
  3. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    Do you have a Paxton kit?
  4. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    It doesn't look like it has a flange to mount in the same location as the one that comes in the kit.
  5. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    I emailed vortech this morning when I made this post and they replied "The BV57 is more for race applications and not for under 15 psi." But I got the distinct feeling whoever replied doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground? Are you sure it will work? I may call tomorrow and see if I...
  6. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    That's good news and seems to line up with what I heard on some videos. Can it be used on my setup only running 8lbs or do they have a minimum?
  7. Help choosing a BOV / bypass valve

    2011 mustang GT running a Novi 2200SL. Have the stock bypass valve currently and getting major flutter after WOT pulls so I'm looking at replacing the unit so I don't wreck my blower. I've been searching for YouTube videos but it's limited and I'm not getting a great idea of what they all sound...