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  1. Official: 2022 Maverick Pickup Truck Starts Under $20K and Gets 40MPG

    Yea I think it will be a great little truck. You can haul 18 sheets of 4’x8’, 3/4”plywood or 37 bags of 40# mulch. Glad Ford is bringing back the subcompact truck. Been wanting a smaller truck for a while now.
  2. Official: 2022 Maverick Pickup Truck Starts Under $20K and Gets 40MPG

    I know most on here don’t like the Maverick much but I ordered one. Sold my 2006 F150 Super Crew 5.4 that got 13 mpg. Didn’t use it much due to poor gas mileage and rarely used it as a full load/heavy tow vehicle. Basically it was over kill for my needs but I got a good deal on it 4.5 years...
  3. Who will trade their S550 up for an S650 just because it’s new?

    My 18’ is fairly new and paid off and I have no desire to start the process again. New cars prices are getting out of hand so I really don’t see me getting a S650.
  4. How do the PP Pirellis compare to the Michelins that used to come on the car?

    Yep down grade. Michelin’s are much better.
  5. Too Nice to Drive? Older and Wiser?

    I’m finding my self wanting to drive my car less and less. The traffic here is bad and getting worse. Every day I either get cutoff or tailgated. Too much traffic to really even enjoy it. When I drive my f150 I don’t worry as much. Maybe because it’s an older truck and don’t care as much if...
  6. Totaled 2019 GT, get 2021 GT?

    Except if you get rear ended then things go boom!
  7. A word of advice

    Sounds like the Toyota fiasco a few years back. Glad you stopped in time before having an accident.
  8. Goodbye yall.

    Congrats. Hope you enjoy it.
  9. Left the chevy camp a week ago

    Did you buy it on national Mustang day April 17th? I bet that 1le ripped.
  10. Picking up my first brand new Mustang! UPDATE with pics

    Yep seen it a couple times already.
  11. hammered hell

    My local dealer had a couple. I got out of my Mustang to look at it. Sales lady came out and asked if I wanted to test drive it. I said no thanks. lol
  12. Picking up my first brand new Mustang! UPDATE with pics

    Like mentioned Florida doesn’t need a front tag so make sure no holes in front bumper. You can add a Sto N Sho or similar plate holder if you ever end up needing one. Check panel alignment. Some are pretty bad from the factory. I always ask the dealer to not wash the car. Some dealers use...
  13. hammered hell

    Yawn........... 🥱
  14. Towing the car on a U-Haul trailer

    Yes they come with the tire tie down straps. They work good. Just check them periodically because I had one come loose once.
  15. Towing the car on a U-Haul trailer

    Here’s a picture when I moved from Wisconsin to Florida back in July
  16. rear window defroster

    On the center stack under the radio.
  17. Towing the car on a U-Haul trailer

    I used a couple of car haulers from U Haul and Penske. Both worked fine. Just drive it right on. No xtra boards were needed. The ramps they provide are adequate. The tie downs work good. After a few miles and periodically check the tie downs. I had one come loose once. Make sure to center the...