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  1. 2020 10r80s still finding low fluid?

    Long story short i had a 2018 10r80 that didnt really have any issues to it, seemed fine. Recently swapped over to a 2020 and the Trans is doing something my previous car never did, coming to a stop, somewhere in the 3-1 downshift it occasionally will downshift really hard. Ive also noticed that...
  2. ngauge monitoring

    Fairly certain i know the answer to this but whatever, when using the ngauge ONLY to connect and monitor inputs like lambda and knocker, etc, this doesnt leave a fingerprint on the PCM like flashing a tune does correct? Just moved into a 2020 gt and want the warranty to ride out on this one...
  3. For those that have done the digital dash swap

    I dont need any info on the swap, i already have a factory equipped digital dash car, my thing is i need the part number of the instrument bezel you were provided. I think i have tracked it down however some sites show the correct image while others show the non digital dash but with the same...
  4. 2018 Shaker pro audio upgrade

    I have 2018 premium with the shaker pro system, i plan on doing the JL audio stealth box upgrade for the trunk sub, but id like to upgrade everything else. Nothing crazy, but better sound overall. I mostly listen to house/EDM music but also alternative at times. Suggestions on replacement...
  5. Procharger issues/kit options

    Did some digging and didnt seem to find exactly what id like to know before i posted, at least to my main question. Anyways, my last FI car was a 2014 A6 coyote with the vortech v3 system, looked great and made 540rwhp with very basic options, problem was it was zero fun to drive around town...
  6. Edelbrock E force on 2018 A10 driveability

    I have a 2018 A10 with some basic mods, looking to go FI, ive had a previous vortech car and did not like the driveability, seemed to ramp up quickly when even just driving off from a stoplight when i was just trying to cruise. Id like to make more power but i want the car to drive as close to...
  7. E85 and o2 sensors

    The other day ran into an odd issue, 2018 GT with 11k miles, 3k tuned on dedicated E85 tune. A few days prior i noticed on cold start my exhaust note was noticeably quieter, happened a few days in a row so i used my ngauge and searched for codes and sure enough there was p0316 for misfire...
  8. GT 2018 manifold and ported stock TB

    For sale is a 2018 manifold taken off my car at 10k miles, and a ported stock TB from gigs performance to pair with it. Selling both as a package set. $400 shipped for the set and that is the lowest i will do just FYI. TB alone was $290. PM me for questions or if interested. Located in FL for...
  9. Lund E85r tune on lower ethanol content

    In FL everyone has been buying up gas due to dorian and overeating, point is i suspected some lower E content might be getting supplied. Was on my e85r tune and switched to flex to get a measurement and came back as 71%. I know the E85r has some tolerance in it but is this outside its safe...
  10. Florida WTB OEM black PP1 spoiler

    As the title says, wanting to buy OEM black PP1 spoiler
  11. Florida RTR rear diffuser

    Brand new RTR rear diffuser. asking 200 shipped. They are 300 new. Has all hardware and comes in original box
  12. Florida Chrome racestars 17x9.5 43mm offset

    Race stars 17x9.5 with mustang bolt pattern. 43mm offset Currently have MT street SS that have a few passes left on them. Comes with lugs and rings. Asking 300
  13. Florida PBD ngauge//drop in filters

    Selling a Palm Beach Dyno Ngauge, used for 500 miles or so, great condition. Will need an unlock, i returned to stock already. Selling for 275 Also selling K&N oiled drop in, $40 Also AFE Dryflow Drop in, $40
  14. Florida WTB orange fury front bumper

    looking for undamaged orange fury front bumper for sale, willing to pay shipping to FL from anywhere in the US. Let me know what you have, thanks.
  15. looking for orange fury front bumper 2018+

    As the title says, looking for an orange fury front bumper, let me know if you have one thanks.
  16. flashing to stock, quick question

    keeping this short, i flashed back to stock using my Ngauge but did it by selecting "tuning", "load tune", and in this menu selecting the tune labeled "stockfile". I see however that there is another option in the tuning menu "tuning", then "return to stock". The tune that comes up in this menu...