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  1. Vehicles hit by drunk driver

    Just asking to hear other's previous experiences, given they had a similar issue. Clearly you don't have any, so you're just responding because you need attention I guess ?
  2. Vehicles hit by drunk driver

    Thanks for the input.. .what was your purpose in even responding? Derp
  3. Vehicles hit by drunk driver

    So a drunk driver smashed into both of my vehicles and pushed them into my house. The truck had damage on the bed only but the mustang took the majority of the damage. Anyone have similar damage and know what I could expect from insurance/repairs? I'm hoping it's totaled honestly because it...
  4. 15-17 lund flex fuel

    Thanks for the input. I was also tossing around this idea, and considering picking up a 18 manifold and 47 lb injectors.
  5. 15-17 lund flex fuel

    I currently have Lund's 93 tune on my 2016 A6... there is plenty of E85 fuel stations around my house so it's been on my mind for a while.
  6. 15-17 lund flex fuel

    Has anyone used this tune long-term on a basic bolt-on car? Any issues?
  7. Edelbrock 2300 TVS 690HP Stage 1 Supercharger Kit - $4,999.00

    Are these kits still available?