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  1. Anyone run a 29.5 x 10.5 x 17 Hoosier DBR?

    That sounds about right to me. Mine is a 12" with 8.5 bs and mine tuck perfect but I wasn't dealing with near the tire height you have. Once i eventually go boosted, I'm gonna be in the same boat as you I'm sure. Idk if I'm going to be able to fit that size tire on my wheel or have to try a...
  2. Anyone run a 29.5 x 10.5 x 17 Hoosier DBR?

    You ain't wrong there. I know they'll fit, just getting the right offset is key. I run the 325/45/17 M&H on a 17x12 custom wheel. I jacked the car up and just took all the measurements I could to make sure that wheel combo would work since I had never seen it run. It's actually about the...
  3. Anyone run a 29.5 x 10.5 x 17 Hoosier DBR?

    If I'm not mistaken that is about the same size as the MT 315/50/17 that some of the fast guys run. Maybe research those, since they may be more commonly used and see what wheel they're running.
  4. Weld S77 18x8 Front brake clearance

    I had the same issue with my front drag wheels. Went with the Baer drag brakes and they clear easy now, plus it saves a bunch of weight and they still stop every bit as well imo.
  5. Silver or black wheels on Antimatter Blue 21 Mustang GT?

    I like the silver or maybe an anthracite color on that dark blue. All that matters though is that you like it.
  6. To go Drag Pack or not?

    Post some pics when you get em on. I have a dedicated set of wheels for the strip, but it does get old swapping back and forth, so I think for your situation that's definitely the way to go. Once I get done with chasing numbers N/A and add boost I may do the same thing. I'm thinking about...
  7. Can I hit 11.90 on stock tune?

    I'm still running stock suspension and half shafts. A good drag radial is all I've needed. No wheel hop and consistant 1.60 - 1.63 60' times. Mine is on E85, but you 11.9 goal is easily achievable on stock tune. You could get a 93 tune that would pick you up some as well. BTW mine went...
  8. Drag pack on eibach sportlines

    Sure. PM me you number and I'll send em to you.
  9. Winlites 15x10 7.5BS on s550

    It will be 1/8" closer to your fender. Can your current setup move 1/8" closer? I think you will be just fine. What tire are you planning on running?
  10. Drag pack on eibach sportlines

    They will work fine. I have sportlines on mine and run the 325/45/17 M&H which is same size as 305/45/17 MT. If you're running any of the standard drag wheels for S550 they will tuck nicely.
  11. Has anyone widened a Roush wheel?

    I say do it if you like the look of those wheels. I have a set of Weld Magnums that were originally made for the irs cobras and supras. They were originally 17x9.25. Weldcraft widened them 3". Only set in the world I know of on a S550. The extra width puts all of the 325/45/17 M&H tread on...

    How was the weight of that hood compared to the stock hood?
  13. 502 HP at the Wheels?

    Well the name of the place is the horsepower factory. Lol!
  14. The "what things weigh thread."

    was this a custom built exhaust or is it available for purchase somewhere?
  15. New PB at the track! 2018 Mustang GT 10r80

    Depending on fuel it hovers around 3600 or a lil less with me in it. I'm 220. Best pass was [email protected], but I'm thinking it's pulling timing due to seeing false knock. I trapped 124 back when I first got the e85 tune. Have since added full length catless headers and taken much more weight...
  16. 6.35 @ 116.61 1.51 60ft ESS supercharged 18

    I think you've definitely sold me on this kit when I add boost. Still wanna go a little faster n/a first though. Was the 6.25 pass on the smaller pulley or still the same one?
  17. New PB at the track! 2018 Mustang GT 10r80

    Nice passes. Nothing better than a holeshot win. My car is same as yours right down to the color but with more weight reduction and headers(still need to have tune revised to take full advantage of them). The weight has been the second biggest improvement after the e85 tune. My 60's now stay...
  18. Must have drag racing mods for consistency and reliability

    At your power level, I wouldn't worry about suspension just yet. I still have yet to do any upgrades to the suspension(other than the sportline lowering springs already on it when I bought it)and I'm running high 10's n/a. First thing you need is a good tire(drag radial imo is best for auto...