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  1. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Skip the id1050 injectors and get a set of Ford LU47s or 56lb gt500 (60mm long ones) injectors. That should be all you need, unless you plan for e85 at some point. The G3 will give you a bit of room to grow, but the G2 should get you close to your goal as well.
  2. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    I was running one of those adapters to mount the nozzle in my silicone tube and it did nothing but leak (boost/vacuum). I'd try and get it mounted in the piping if possible. I ended up going with an injection ring from Snow performance to resolve my issues.
  3. Southwestern Ontario Mustang Owners

    Leak down test last night looked good, got the car running and seems good to go at this point. This is the ring I'm using - just makes for a cleaner install. I have a Snow Performance 2.5 kit. I was using one of the washer setups in the...
  4. Southwestern Ontario Mustang Owners

    thought I popped my engine last weekend at the track. I changed up my methanol kit a bit and added an injection ring for it in the intake piping. As I let off the throttle going through the traps, the intake hose popped the new injection ring, which is after the MAF so it was sucking in a bunch...
  5. Southwestern Ontario Mustang Owners

    Won't be racing this weekend, may try and get to the show if my car is back together in time.
  6. MT82-D4 rebuild thread

    If you have Facebook try posting in the group Stick Shift Coyotes to get a bit more exposure.
  7. used truck for towing suggestions

    I'm considering picking up a truck to haul my Mustang on an trailer to allow me to take it to more track events without having to worry about getting it home in case something breaks. Budget will be around $12k as I don't want to finance anything so I'll likely be looking at trucks in the...
  8. Southwestern Ontario Mustang Owners

    I think you might be right - There was supposed to be the Summer Shootout event that day in St. Thomas but looks like it was rescheduled to September.
  9. Southwestern Ontario Mustang Owners

    There's a couple of races scheduled for that day, unfortunately for me I'll have to pass. Should be good event though, I've heard its a decent show.
  10. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Impressive guys congrats!
  11. Southwestern Ontario Mustang Owners

    Nice to see everyone yesterday. Hopefully we can try and get together a few more times throughout the summer.
  12. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    I think its near its max output at 800hp. Ess says that's where the g2 starts to fall off, i think the numbers falling off after 7200 support that. The g3 better suited for higher hp.
  13. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Had my car on the dyno today at a local Mustang shop, Rev8 Motorsports in Woodstock Ontario. G2 with G3 intercooler, gt350 manifold, 87mm Bullitt TB, catless LTH full 3" Had the car on the 105mm pulley. Over the winter I added a DW X2 return fuel setup to run E85 and the car was on that fuel...
  14. My Bullitt will see the drag strip for the first time tomorrow

    Sorry to hear it didn't work out as well as you had hoped. I've had nights like that as well and it can be frustrating. It sounds like you have a good handle on what to do next though. It will make the next outing that much better. Keep us posted on your progress, I've enjoyed following your build.
  15. Southwestern Ontario Mustang Owners

    Hey guys, short notice but I'm going to head to Rev8 Motorsports in Woodstock this Saturday at noon to do a dyno run with my car. They are a small shop that works on Coyote Mustangs. If anyone wants to check it out, feel free to pop by.
  16. voltage at pumps

    So found the cause if the difference. I notice in my recent logs I was loosing fuel pressure at high rpms. I pulled the fuel hat and found one of the wires for one of the pumps had pulled out of its crimped connector. It was on the post that was reading 14.5v. I fixed that put it back together...
  17. voltage at pumps

    I have a 2 relay setup, each pump has its own. I tried switching the + leads on the hat to see if the difference followed the wiring, but the voltage remained same as before.
  18. voltage at pumps

    I recently installed a DW X2 fuel hat that has 2 walbro 274 pumps. Have it setup to run both pumps all the time so no hobbs switch. At idle, I noticed that one pump is drawing 14.5v and the other is only drawing 12.5v when testing it with a multi meter. Shouldn't they be drawing the same? Car...
  19. Dyno chart

    Numbers look good, what's the setup? Kinda wow'd by the Win XP toolbar tho lol