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  1. New Automated Manual in the Mustang’s Future? patents an automated manual transmission with fingertip control
  2. COTUS

    Questions: Order date 11/3 GT Fastback How long should the car stay at phase 1 (in order processing)? It shows the green line only half way across the box, does it go all the way across before it goes to phase 2? Thnx
  3. 19's vs 20's

    I am waffling between the 20's I ordered or the 19's (non PP). Although I love the 20's, the non PP 19's look amazing especially on white, silver or black GT's. Can anyone post side by side pics of these...thnx. When is it too late to make changes...our car shows in order status with only the...
  4. Premier Trim Color Accent

    I ordered this option for the better quality leather and trim. I chose charcoal, so I am getting red seat inserts? The pic and description is from cotus: The Premier Trim with Color Accent Group includes a charcoal black interior environment with color-accented seats, Unique door trim and...
  5. No Power Seat Recline

    Discovered today there is no power recline (even for the drivers seat) not cool on a $40,000.00-$50,000.00 automobile. The seats have memory for multiple drivers which is great but it's useless for recalling adjustments for the seat back since it's manual.
  6. After Driving 2 GT's

    I've been able to drive two different GT's so far and here's what I've realized: Both cars were manuals one PP and one not. The Chinese made gearbox is quite good, short precise shifts with a nicely weighted clutch. I certainly did not power or speed shift but I liked what I felt. The exhaust...
  7. Saw Black with 20's and a Few Other Things

    Stopped by my local dealer Ford of Pompano Beach FL to check on the status of our Ingot GT Prem and there was a Black Ecoboost with 20's. This was the first time we got to see the 20's in person. I also very carefully scrutinized the cars fit and finish. Btw, our build sheet will be ready early...
  8. Why didn't you wait or want the vert?

    For us here's our reasons: 1) We needed a car asap as our GS lease is ending in about 2 weeks. 2) I wanted a vert, wife wanted a coupe, gonna be wife's car so wife won. 3) I guess the coupe is a bit safer as well
  9. 3:55 Diffy

    Who here ordered this and what kind of performance gains should there be over the 3:15? I'm guessing about maybe 2/10's 0-60? Thnx
  10. Hard Plastics

    I was disappointed to see that there is still quite a bit of hard plastic in the new interior. It would have been so much better if Ford used (at the very least) soft touch paint on these hard rather cheap feeling/looking surfaces, or better yet all soft plastics for the premium interior cars. I...
  11. Insurance Ratings for '15

    Checked with our State Farm agent today and she informed us the '15 Mustang GT moved up only one notch in State Farm's safety ratings despite it's several new safety upgrades. The new GT will be used mostly by my wife as it will be taking the place of her '13 GS350 F Sport... as a comp her Lexus...
  12. Ride Quality ?'s

    Is there a comfort setting in the adjustable suspension? How do all the settings stack up? For those with 20's how's the ride? Not compared to the previous generation but overall. Thnx
  13. Problems and Running Changes

    Does anyone know how long it takes before well reported issues (and what it takes to be considered an issue significant enough) that are cropping up on the S550 to be made a running change? Thx e.g. >Stamping, >Fitment, >Premature seat wear, >Backward Catalytic Converters
  14. Order Goes In Tomorrow

    Well, the time has come to place the order and it goes in tomorrow afternoon. Here's what we have at this point: GT Prem Ingot over Ebony w/Color Accent (light grey stitch) 20" Bright Machined Rims Six Speed Auto 3:55 Axle Ratio w/LSD 401A Enhanced Security Voice Activated Nav...
  15. 2015.5

    I recently watched a Fox News video where the S550's Chief Engineer was interviewed with a white '15 Anniversary, he made a comment saying something to the effect that he has a few surprises for 2015.5 stang...anyone have any further info on this? Thx
  16. Stitching

    It appears the only way to get deviated stitching on the seats is via the 50th Anv pkg, is there any other way? Thx