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  1. Steeda Vertical Links Install: FAIL.

    Easy job right? Only 2 bolts. Right? Well they just wouldn't line up. Either I would get the top one in and the bottom wouldn't or I would get the bottom one in and the top not. Despite jacking in various places, body, under the knuckle, rubber mallet, pry bar etc.----Just a total NOGO! And mine...
  2. Maintenance Schedule

    Can anyone make sense of this??? I mean footnotes #1 and #2. #1 says within 4800km of last oil change. #2 says initial replacement after 6 years or 160,000km! That can't be right.
  3. Modding in Germany (TÜV)

    It has been said that, the "only thing you can mod in Germany is the paint." Heard that one more than once. Everything else has to go to TÜV. If a part does not has prior approval, you can't legally put in on the car. i.e.. no ABE (Just about every part made in the USA.) Example...rear...
  4. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    Just picked up the new car up today. Tomorrow I'll post some pics of my 1st "Mods." My first impression of the new 2.3T is ... "Holy Shit!" Stalled it the 1st time I engaged the clutch at the dealership (embarrassing). Will have to try the Steeda Spring (on order). Everybody's right. The...