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  1. Accessport for the Euro Ecoboost

    I think that Stage refers to specific mods already done to the car, such as, a Cobb intercooler, or exhaust etc. If your car is stock, I believe that there is only one basic tune that you can use. I think it is Stage 0? Search around the site. You'll find a lot of threads about the Accessport...
  2. 2018 fake air intakes?

    Anyone know where I can get some of those "Push To Release" Pins in the Wheel well?
  3. MFT screen wallpaper sharing thread

    It does. From South Hills
  4. My clear tail lights for sale (EU version) - PLEASE DELETE THREAD

    1200 is way too much. Cheaper to just buy new ones at the dealer.
  5. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    Mod update: Steeda Subframe Braces: Very happy with the purchase. Definitely tightens up the rear. I wasn't worried so much about wheel hop but, rather the rear end breaking loose. Especially when it is raining and making a hard right turn, like pulling out of a gas station on to a major road...
  6. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    Ok, here's a quick pic....I'll do a mod update later in the week after I get back.
  7. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    It was dark when I finished and it's raining now. I'll get some pics up soon.
  8. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    Quick update...Just installed the Steeda Subframe Support Braces, US Lower Grill, LED DRL's, and while I was at it, dipped my front spoiler "Flame Red." Did a test drive and the braces help a lot. Gave some gas into hard turns to see if the rear would break loose....but, didn't happen. Also got...
  9. Steeda Vertical Links Install: FAIL.

    I was using a jack and jack stands. My crow bar was just too long to get any kind of leverage.
  10. Steeda Vertical Links Install: FAIL.

    Easy job right? Only 2 bolts. Right? Well they just wouldn't line up. Either I would get the top one in and the bottom wouldn't or I would get the bottom one in and the top not. Despite jacking in various places, body, under the knuckle, rubber mallet, pry bar etc.----Just a total NOGO! And mine...
  11. F6 Navigation SD card has it for 60 Yoyos.
  12. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    Just a little update on the Steeda 2 Point Brace. A couple weeks of driving after the install, I can say it definitely tightens up the front end (along with the Strut tower brace). Everything is tied together and the driving aspect in corning, the difference is very noticeable. Glad I did it...
  13. Oil filter for EB?

    I'm looking for a good filter wrench to buy with it. Recommendations?
  14. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    Until now, yes. Just to be sure I put a coat of high temp clear spray on...mainly to protect the tape from grease and oil.
  15. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    The letters come with 3M Tape on the back. Just like emblems. Steeda Hood Latch comes in red, black, and silver.
  16. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    Yeah, I did...just ordered some ole Mustang lettering..fits perfect.....
  17. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    I must say the Strut Tower Brace did a lot for the feel....a lot more flat....I recommend it. Hoping the 2.Point Brace makes it perfect.
  18. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    Still debating on the Steeda Clutch Spring....rumor has it that the pedal doesn't always fully disengage....
  19. Deep Impact Build (DIB)

    The goal is to get the car ready for the eventual tune....after the warranty is up....At least what I can do legally here in Germany until then....