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  1. Project6gr delivery time?

    Update ..They came in couldn’t be happier if you guys have yours on post pics? Trying to narrow down the right size for the 20x 10/11
  2. What's changing on '22?

    anyone care to elaborate? Also I have a 2021 roush CAI will it fit 2022?
  3. Project6gr delivery time?

    Ordered the Project6gr Ten’s in satin bronze on Black Friday, Not much communication from their side via Instagram DM. Only time will tell I suppose oh yea and I also don’t have mine…
  4. 2019 Mustang GT Auto Very Rough Idle/Engine Stall

    So the majority just jumping ship here?i Have an 18’ gt with the same issue thinking of getting a 21’ next or a 20 at least.. let me know your thoughts
  5. Stalling/Idling issue

    So i have a 2018 Gt got it at about 12k miles and started having these issues after my 1st oil change I’ve seen it to be the VCT solenoid issue but my dealership “Can’t replicate” the issue but I know I’m not crazy I’m in Panama City Florida. can someone point me in the direction of a Good shop...