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  1. Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    I hear ya. Shortly, I will purchase some black lug nuts for my GT PP1.
  2. Senior S550 Owners Like Black Wheels?

    This makes me miss my magnetic GT, with the black accent package. Very nice...
  3. Glove box misaligned, light always on!

    All I know is, when I replaced all my bulbs with LEDs, including the glove box, IT WAS A NIGHTMARE to get it installed. For something so simple, I was sweating and about to rip the whole thing out. LOL So, all that said, I feel your pain...
  4. Garage Floor Surfaces

    I was unaware of this thread, and thus had created my own thread. Anyway...
  5. Keyless entry not working on passenger side

    For me personally, sometimes going directly to the passenger sides works, SOMETIMES. So, I do not think I can fully agree with your theory.
  6. Talk about good luck

    Nice that a 'real' person won. Stangmode gets on my nerves. Just my opinion.
  7. If you could chose another car? (Or SUV)

    For me, a V12 Mercedes or a Maserati.Basically, something with at least 500+ HP and can comfortable fit 4 people.
  8. Annoying interior rattle!

    Drive without a passenger, and engage the seatbelt. Then, listen for the sound. Sort of a process of elimination...
  9. Can you tell the different between 87 and 93 octane?

    So of the responses are hilarious...
  10. 2020 Ecoboost Premium caliper covers

    Not sure of the answer to your question. However, I was close to purchasing covers once. But, I often worried about the excess heat it would have to deal with. Maybe spray painting (in a kiln and such), might be a better alternative.
  11. Annoying interior rattle!

    Are you sure it is not just the passenger seatbelt, 'tapping' on the B pillar? I almost brought my car in because of the noise I was having. Then, I noticed said noise never happened when my Missus was in the car. That got me thinking, and I figured it out...
  12. Sound tube Delete

    Flipping hilarious!
  13. Sound tube Delete

    Also, CJ just did a video on the firewall piece...
  14. Keyless entry not working on passenger side

    Just to confirm, there are Mustang owners in this thread, with the issue that do NOT have dash cams, no?
  15. You know how many times I have damaged another persons car?

    Those that let the trolley roll wild at the shops, just do my head in. Flipping annoying!
  16. Anyone in FL (or high temp states) using dash cams that withstand the heat?

    I am in Atlanta, GA (Hot Lanta, as they say), and I use a Garmin 55. Works just fine...
  17. Ive been scammed through mustang6g

    This is all rather unfortunate. Even more so, with so many people being scammed for various things during this Covid19 situation. Ugh, honestly...
  18. Keyless entry not working on passenger side

    My dash cam is hardwired, and records all the time. And my passenger door is temperamental.
  19. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I just had something similar done...