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  1. anarchy motive atlas shift knob

    Hey all, I have an anarchy motive atlas shift knob in anodized red with the EGA Marine Corps crest. I paid 100 new, will sell for 75 Shipped OBO. Marines get a deep discount with proof of service Oorah!
  2. Brand New RST clutch kit and Flywheel

    Sold and shipped. Thank you
  3. Ngague HP Tuners and Lund unlocked

  4. *NEW* MMR Oil Pump Gear/ Crank Sprocket / Balancer

    Sold and shipped!
  5. What is the largest width tire on stock 18"

    Hey guys, happy holidays. I currently have staggered mmd zeven 20" offset with 305 rear. Considering going back to stock until I can save for 18" forged rims. Was wondering what the largest tire to for stock runs would be . Thanks ahead of time
  6. V series what?

    Today I engaged with a gentleman who had a white V series Cadillac. It looked like a CTS V (slanted trunk, vs straight trunk ats) however, it had the new CTS V hood with vents (only comes in sedan?) . My question is, was this a CTS V coupe which was imported from Canada (Ontario plates)? Was...
  7. Lund tuning alternative

    I have HP tuner and Lund software, am not giving Lund another dime due to shitty service. Who are some reputable tuners with HP tuner software, and/or around Florida. Thanks in advance
  8. A centri counter to brake boosting ?

    So... The other day I had an EVO X with a GT42r setup that brake boosted on me, and it was an embarrassment to say the least lol. Is there a practice with a centri SC to counter that. Looking for a specific technique, not a mod. I will apply laughs to all sarcastic remarks now: Go bigger head...
  9. from Tuner Cars to Muscle (ish) 2017 PC Mustang GT

    So... Figured Id start a build thread to remember what Ive done to the car :lol: Bought a base Shadow Black GT in June 2017 6MT 3.15 Gears Coming from Tuner cars, most of them turbo, but a couple roots S/C, I decided to try my hand at a daily driver that would eventually turn drag strip warrior...
  10. MAK hurricane inlet

    So, I finally got in my inlet pipe. Figured I'd write this post for those considering it. Install was the same as the PC inlet pipe, a pain in the balls lol However, results I was happy with. It fixed the throttle response that I was unhappy with, and smoothed out the power band below. For...
  11. Increased throttle response

    Anybody have suggestions on increasing throttle response? The best throttle response I've yielded from my s550 is from the FRPP PPK2, as soon as I went back to stock TB (NA) and then Stock TB with PC it has returned to it's sluggish self. Thanks
  12. Procharger and what IM

    Considering an IM on my P1X Blown coyote. Anyone have any suggestions (followed by reasoning) on which IM is preferred for you? I am not interested in modification of hood or changing my engine mounts to make this happen. If you have the manifold you're suggesting, who did you buy it from and...
  13. Fuel system suggestion

    Hey guys, First time doing a fuel system on a vehicle, much less a mustang (import guy). What do you guys suggest outside of the Sai Li option on fuel system. Please outline a complete "shopping list" if it's outside of a full kit. Thanks in advance. The goal here is to go E85 and hold...
  14. Front bumper cover options

    Hey guys, looking for some factory fit front bumper options. The main ones I've been seeing is the roush, which I like comes painted, and the gt350/500 style bumpers. Any other ideas, want an out of the box install without modification, thanks
  15. Tesla head unit (viper tech)

    Does anyone have this head unit? I'm a fan of Tesla and love the size of the screen. I have seen many complaints of issues with this unit even though they claim direct plug and play. I can't even find where to buy it lol. Does anyone have any insight on this? Any current owner feedback would be...
  16. Showstopper red seats

    Anybody know if the showstopper red recaro seats coming optional in the 18 mustang will fit the s550?
  17. WTB Non outrageously priced recaros

    Looking for some lightly used recaro seats in Florida
  18. WTB Euro tail lights

    Looking for some clear tail lights :ford:
  19. Anarchy Motive Custom Atlas Knob

    Hey guys, After a much anticipated 9 week wait, my knob arrived. I was impressed with the weight and the finish. Attention to detail on the engraving was on point. Can't speak for durability or heat retention at the moment,but stay posted. The only thing that I will say is that the EGA didn't...
  20. WTB Euro tail lights

    Looking for a set of clear Euro tail lights, thanks :ford: