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  1. YouTube

    Sold the stang today to Carvana. [ame]
  2. YouTube

    Thanks man!!! :headbang:
  3. YouTube

    got you too.. Thanks
  4. YouTube

    Hell i thought i was subed to you.. Just went back and did it again. :cheers:
  5. YouTube

    Ok guys and gals, The youtubz has changed they way they do things yet again. They now require you to have at least 4k view hours in the past 12 months and 1k subscribers to be monetized. Well i have well over 5k view hours but only 498 subs. It has been a long year building the channel and a...
  6. YouTube

    Install of a MMD hood scoop with no template or instructions. [ame]
  7. YouTube

    I try my hand at fixing some paint scrapes/gouges on my wife's 2016 ford fusion. :headbang: [ame]
  8. YouTube

    i have a thread sealer paste with Teflon. I just wash the drain plug with dawn dish soap anyway so it works well. I just use a little. :cheers:
  9. YouTube

    Check it out my friends. [ame]
  10. Lund nGuage

    So if I buy yours for 325 i'd have to pay 250 for a tune that's 575 and i can get one new for 579.. And with the 12 days of christmas at Lethal on the 15th it's 10% off and I can get one for 521.. :doh:
  11. YouTube

    what i've learned so far and what my decision is. Thanks again to al who watch and subscribe. [ame]
  12. YouTube

    lol.. Got ya man.. Always rev next to a prius.. i'm thinking about getting a GT500 next year. I've always wanted one. :cheers:
  13. YouTube

    boom, in case anyone is interested.. [ame]
  14. YouTube

    I actually used this touch up without clear on a small place on my bumper before i got the clear bra installed and it was darker. I sent a picture to dr. Color chip and they mixed another one and it looked to be exactly the same as the first when i tried it. I just figured their mix was a...
  15. YouTube

    Check it out! [ame]
  16. Alabama

    If you are close to Birmingham we go to cars ad coffee at Hoover tactical almost every saturday morning. Starts at 8:30 am
  17. YouTube

    True but you can sign up for the news letter and get like a 10% discount on their site. :cheers: still worth it in my opinion because they look awesome and i love the way they function.
  18. YouTube

    Just a short one depicting the operation of these bad ass OPT7 arrow's, out side car at night, drive by and inside car. [ame]
  19. Alabama

    hell yeah man, Check out our page :cheers:
  20. Lund Ngauge-SoCal

    i can answer this. YES 250 for a Lund tune. :cheers: