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  1. 2021 shark fin antenna part number

    Can anyone help me with the part number? I can only find the 2020 and I read somewhere they are different. I am gonna wrap my roof and the shop said it is easier to paint the shark fin. I would like to keep my original and paint the new one black Thank you in advance
  2. Parts off my gt350 fit the gt500?

    So I am gonna be trading my gt350 in shortly for a 21 gt500. I have the Lethal resonator delete Bmr jacking rails Steeda g trac brace B-line test pipes with hi flow cats Does anyone know if these parts will work on the 500 before I sell them? Would love to hold on to the test pipes and...
  3. Quick Ford esp plan question

    I am about to purchase an extended warranty thru flood Ford. My regular warranty expires end of may. When I purchase the extended warranty is the start date for years and mileage from original purchase day or when I buy the new plan ? So if I buy a 5 year warranty does that mean I only have 2...
  4. B line test pipe hi flow cats or lth hi flow cats

    So I’m getting ready to add some boost to my car. I am currently running the b line test pipes with hi flow cats. is it worth it to switch to long tubes with hi flow cats ?
  5. Installing oem stripes

    I am replacing my oem trunk stripes in the next few days. I have been looking at videos for tips on the install but I cannot find anyone installing oem. The videos I watched differ some use soap water and than heat on the stripes , other guys do it dry and just use a felt tip squeegee. So...
  6. Oem stripes

    So I purchased a Anderson composite gt350/500 spoiler and in the process of removing the old spoiler I lifted my stripe and basically ruined it. Is there anywhere I can get just the oem trunk section or aftermarket that looks oem to replace it? It’s a 18 350 black with white pinstripes. Thanks...
  7. Best paint correction central nj

    I’m looking to get paint correction and ceramic coating done to my car. Can anyone recommend a shop or mobile in the central nj area I don’t mind traveling if it’s worth it .
  8. Post up your g2 coated calipers

    Let’s see what you guys have done with the g2 kits Is one kit enough to do all 4 calipers ?
  9. Front turn signal bulb sizes for a 18

    I am having a problem getting the correct bulb sizes for the front turn signal bulbs on a 18. I know there are 2 bulbs in each just not sure what type. My car and manual are tucked away for the winter. Every search I have done comes up for 15-17 bulb sizes. Originally I wanted to install the...
  10. Puddle lamps for a 18 gt350

    So I have been reading thru all the threads here for the puddle lamps option and being able to install them on a 18 gt350 and it looks it is a plug and play if you buy the newer mirrors. I went on tasca ford and cross referenced the 18 and 19 mirrors and they are the same part numbers. Has...
  11. Any nj guys in here ?

    I just picked up a used 18 lfg gt350 (love it) So I brought it to my local dealership yesterday to get the oil changed ( wanted it documented in case any warranty issues )and get it ready to put away for the winter. So today I pulled it out of my garage to clean it and there was about 1/2 quart...