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  1. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    You ordered 7/21/22?
  2. Best looking mustang ever?

    This is exactly like mine. It’s not the best looking in world but in 1983 when I got it was to me
  3. Silver or black wheels on Antimatter Blue 21 Mustang GT?

    The silver or even gunmetal makes the blue really pop!! Some colors really deserve lighter colored wheels
  4. New Loud Exhaust Law

    Ridiculous!! Of course that is the communistwealth of Virginia …motorcycles are 10 times as loud as cars and they get a free pass. To me nothing more obnoxious than a v-twin straight piped
  5. Best looking mustang ever?

    1970 428 SCJ 4 speed Grabber Orange
  6. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Anyone else get this email. Luckily I didn’t get one. Mine is scheduled to be built July 18
  7. Flat Rock Assembly Video

    Lot more hands-on than I thought. Pretty impressive. Hats off doing a monotonous job!!
  8. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    What did you think of the G2 kit? I'm thinking of doing the same
  9. The Mustang is the last man standing.....again

    diesel is ultimately the answer. It can run on virtual anything. A diesel now could probably get 70 mpg if the environmental crap was removed and the engine burned something little cleaner
  10. The Mustang is the last man standing.....again

    None of that matters …power grid will never hold all electric without a crap load of nuclear….not to mention what it would do to poor people to have to purchase a EV and keep it charged. There will never be an alternative for the jet engine least not in next 100 years and as long as there is a...
  11. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    I ordered Carbonized Gray March 17 mine just got moved from June 27 to July 18th
  12. How are people affording premium gas?

    I agree!! People complain about paying for premium but pay $2 buck for bottled water or $8 bucks for Starbucks coffee
  13. Should I buy a mach 1?

    What is the protection pack? I don’t know if I would pay 995 for that. I would want more for the camaro…say 44 or 45! Have you checked carvana or vroom to buy your car? The wiggle room is how much they give you for your car
  14. Myrtle Beach Mustang week 2022?

    It’s the last Myrtle Beach Mustang week….Anyone going?
  15. B&O Sound system vs Shaker

  16. B&O Sound system vs Shaker

    How did you disconnect the center channel speaker?