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  1. Grabber Blue GT in the Swiss Alps.

    Here is part one (the route up) to the San Bernardino Pass, from Italy to Switzerland. The video was taken on our route back from the 2017 Monza GP. Feel free to share if you like, thanks for watching guys 'n' gals. [ame]
  2. Modurstang Cruises (15/07/2017)

    Gutted that I cannot make this. We are going to Harry Potter Studios, no Mustangs there, just a Anglia.
  3. Harrup supercharger

    But that is in the US. Add import tax and VAT and we are way above the cost of a supercharger kit. The labour charges on a turbo install is also much higher. A Procharger install is around £8200 and speaking to Ford, they are guestimating around £10k fitted (pinch of salt here). I love the...
  4. Harrup supercharger

    Turbos will be a lot more.
  5. Cams Mill, South Coast Mustangs.

    Anyone going from here? I hate turning up and being the only S550.
  6. Charity Run in Basingstoke/Cars 3

    I can pop along in a Grabber Blue GT.
  7. Car handling training

  8. Car handling training

    People will enjoy the experience with Gary, he is an excellent instructor and he'll have you doing things in your car you did not imagine you could.
  9. Car handling training

    A quick update on this. I have spoken to a guy I know who is an ARDS instructor and Porsche cup driver. He has unlimited access to Milbrook but there are some provisos and is better suited to a 2 to one environment. He also does a great day at Abingdon, there he can teach you about the limits...
  10. Tyre bulge when fitting, whos fault?

    Were the tyres stretched to fit the wheel? That can cause a bulge very quickly, as the tyre wall is not working in the correct plane.
  11. Aftermarket Steering wheels

    After having a feel of yours, I spoke to Jack today. Mine is booked it to my specs with blue trim etc.
  12. Steeda Clutch Spring Review

    I think this is a great mod. I have come from a 981 Cayman S, the gearbox and clutch on that car are nothing short of sublime. When I drove my 2017 Mustang I found the clutch very grabby at slow speeds. I guess it depends what car you have been driving before. If your previous cars have had a...
  13. Car handling training

    This sounds interesting too, Steve. I think i get what you mean, controlling an unintentional slide etc...? I'd just like somewhere to explore the car, away from the public roads. The Milbrook thing would aim to make you a better driver. A drift day will aim to destroy your tyres. ;)
  14. Car handling training

    I shall look at what dates are available and get some dates and prices. Also, for 2 drivers (2 cars) Gary Marsh runs a company called Need for Speed. His day is awesome, tuition and track time at an airfield circuit. He had me comfortably drifting my C63 at over 100mph.
  15. Car handling training

    For anyone interested in the Steeda day but are unable to go, would you be interested in a club day at Milbrook? It is usually for 6 cars and you can learn what your car can do etc.. I see a fair few people interested in cruises, so lets put some go with the show! A leisurely drive around...
  16. Steeda Driving Experience - "Speed Matters!"

    I'd be all over this but we are in Wales for a week.
  17. One wheel constantly dirty

    I snow foam, rinse and then two buckets. The whole car was professionally washed and coated. I think I'll have to remove the wheel.
  18. One wheel constantly dirty

    Guys, I have had my car for a couple of weeks and whenever I clean the wheels, within a few miles, my left hand front looks like this... [/URL][/IMG] Any ideas what could be causing this?
  19. So how was your Ford experience today?

    Well, I had Ford on the phone more or less telling me that I owe them for a spare wheel on my trade in. They say as I did not tell them there was no wheel and I should have told them there was not one. They say that they valued it with one. I told them they should have valued the car as seen...
  20. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    It does to me. Slow speed driving is much better, the clutch is far better at the top of travel. Fitting is really easy, the old one is a bit of a pig to remove at they have fitted a 180lb spring. Plenty of videos online of how to. A very worthwhile mod.