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  1. Fuel pump noob question single pump Walbro/TI no venturi outlet

    You are correct it is the lack of check valves.
  2. DW400 Fuel Pressure Dropping During WOT - Whipple Stage 2

    Anytime I've seen a pressure drop issue like that with a dw400 it was a problem at the syphon. They just glue the nipple on the pump and it can leak or I've seen the syphon hose fail.
  3. Tuner can't tune my cai and has given up on me.

    It should be close to 41 lbs at 128 Period assuming everything else is calibrated correctly. That's from actual calibrations of a few cars I've done with that intake in the past.
  4. Tuner can't tune my cai and has given up on me.

    I didn't read the entire thread but maf count (lbs) means little if your calibration isn't correct. Also I've tuned the gt350 jlt 120mm on gen 2's years ago with multiple different manifolds, all drove like stock with no issues. It wasn't very difficult to dial in so I wouldn't expect any...
  5. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    You won't need a new maf. The tune could be dialed in more.
  6. Dyno chart

    There are many variables but those seem like normal numbers for that set up.
  7. Dyno chart

    3.6 pulley? Stock airbox?
  8. Bullitt tuning issue vortech

    The gt350 t.b. or manifold should not cause any fueling issues.
  9. 🤔Carbonized gray.. magnetic gray difference ????

    I've owned 3 magnetic gray fords and now a carbonized mustang, they are definitely different. I prefer carbonized gray more.
  10. False knock? Looking for help.

    How is it 200 percent ethanol?
  11. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    Those will work however I've found the ngk 95822 gapped to around .026 to work much better they are a plug designed for boost, they last longer as well. The 6510 was just an easy to get plug 10 years ago so everyone has been recommending them since. Nobody ever really researched or questioned to...
  12. 19 GT Reliability with Procharger P1X HO Kit

    Some misfires are normal, what plugs and gap are you running?
  13. 60-130mph times for boosted cars

    Once those tires get feathered they stop hooking.
  14. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Lean or rich is obviously very subjective but I've found these to run better track times slightly on the richer side.
  15. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Yes basically all the way up front there is an area there underneath the plastic radiator cover, I run my can up there.
  16. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    Nice numbers, congrats! E85 rarely will actually knock so maybe it was just some false knock on that run unless like you said the iats were very high from all the runs. One thing I would suggest, you can move your catch can over by the passenger side of the radiator up underneath the plastic...
  17. False knock after some changes, ideas?

    I'm guessing it was commanding so rich because the fueling is off, I bet the short terms were off a good bit while wot. I'm sure actual lambda though was closer to .78 where it should be.
  18. False knock after some changes, ideas?

    That is not too lean however I saw one of the logs you posted and tipin was much leaner.
  19. False knock after some changes, ideas?

    Nitrous is at 1000 psi, fuel closer to 60. Double the length of the nitrous line, it helps the lean spike when using a fogger like that.