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  1. Smaller width front wheels with stock tyres

    I want to get new wheels for my new convertible and will be staying with the stock Michelin tyres. When searching I find that there are very few 19" x 9" wheels but a lot at 8.5" width. What affect would there be having the 8.5" on the front with the 9.5" on the rear. Are there any issues...
  2. New 21.5 compared to 17 observations

    Picked up my new white vert. today for which I traded in my yellow 17 vert for and have yet to get used to the new colour. The car thankfully had only 10.9km on the clock which was good to see. Took it home installed back seat cover my dog and a friend and went for a drive. I expect it is too...
  3. Yelloe 2020 convertible ?

    I have a Yellow 17 GT vert and would like to trade up to a 2020 model. However the Ford brochures show that Yellow is not shown. Just went to the Thompson Ford site and in their build it section it does shows that Yellow is available. Is this correct?
  4. Do I need to update SYNC 3

    My GT convertible has just had it’s first annual service and I do not think they have updated SYNC3 and Maps. Mine are SYNC 3 = 2.2 and Maps = ANZ 1 15. What are the latest version of each and should I get the dealer to install both, if they are out dated, or can I do it myself. Also what...
  5. SmartTOP module for 2017 convertible

    Saw this in the main forum and wonder if anyone has had experience or know of any problems with this on a RHD car. I am more interested in the auto top opening for my 2017 convertible but may also use the Auto Sport Mode. I know that there may be a good reason not to operate the hood over 5kph...
  6. Side mirrors - amount of retraction?

    Noticed that the passenger's side mirror retracts much more than the driver's side. Is this normal or is mine faulty
  7. Question re aerial..

    Will I damage the aerial if I put on a car cover - it bends it back almost horizontal. Prefer not to unscrew it each time
  8. Rear camera image

    The image from the rear view camera is not as saturated as from my other car. Is this image normal or should I be getting it fixed at the first service Thanks