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  1. Hood lift on highway

    I know it’s been talked about in other parts on the forum, but I’ve never experienced it as this is the first S550 I’ve had. So hood lift at highway speeds and buffeting winds is a normal thing for this design? Anyone have any issues that tracked? Is the only answer really just the pins?
  2. What did you use your Ford Points for?

    I'm curious how y'all used your points from the buy. Kind of a new concept for me to see Ford offer. Since we had points from buying both my wife's Exploder ST and the Mach 1, it paid for the oil catch can system and install in the Mach.
  3. What did you do to your M1 today

    I’m in a few different forums where this kinda thread is a popular place to toss conversations that don’t necessarily fit. So, maybe it takes off, maybe not. Either way I’ll start it out… stretched her legs a bit and gave her a bath lol
  4. Mach 1 Mara

    Hey all. Just got my Mach 1 HP delivered about a week ago. Stumbled onto this forum looking to see what everyone else is doing with them. Love all the ideas and reviews ya'll are putting out there. Aside from waiting on some parts to show up (rail road cracked the front fascia pony grill...