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  1. GT500 Hood Vent

    Where can I find a replica GT500 hood vent, with tray? I know Ford has theirs for 1K+. What type of options does Ford carry?
  2. Wrap it up

    Anyone know of an awesome reputable wrapping shop in the Houston Texas area? I'm looking to change the color on my stang. Thanks.
  3. Track Alignment Setting

    Hello, anyone have the proper track alignment setting numbers for a 19 GT350R? Besides the factory adjustable camber plates, it has a Steeda Shelby GT350/R Mustang Bumpsteer Kit, Road Race Front K-Member , and the adjustable Rear Toe Links. Watson rollcage. Had these installed and the car...
  4. Aluminum/Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    What are our options for replacing the two piece driveshaft in our 2019-2020 GT350’s? More importantly, is this driveshaft in the GT350 the same as in the 2018+ Mustang GT’s?
  5. 2020 GT500 Hood

    Anyone know if any vendor is offering the 2020 GT500 style hood and vent that fits the 2019 GT350? thanks.
  6. Back to Production

    Has Ford production resumed? Is the UAW back to work making Mustangs? I have a car on order. May 18th build day before the stoppage.
  7. Engine Tick Preventive Measures

    Possibly getting a 2020 GT, I had the tick on my 18 GT. Are there any great preventive measures that can be done to help reduce the chances of this tick occurring? Break in, oil change interval, oil type, and so on?
  8. Changing Options After Vin#Issued

    Once a dealer orders a vehicle for a customer and is picked up/issued a VIN# by Ford, can the options be changed or are they locked in? I ordered the car in mid-March and its status says "Scheduled to Week of May 18th. A week before that it was "Unscheduled-Clean". Of course that was before the...
  9. 19GT350R vs. 20GT350

    Does the regular GT350 scrape on the road and curbs as much as a R? I notice the regular has 35 tires compared to the R's 30's. Those of you that daily drive a regular one with Recaros, how does it feel as a daily I'm assuming you drive it rain, sleet or snow and everyday at all time.
  10. Stock Exhaust

    I have yet to look, but what size piping is the stock exhaust?