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  1. High Performance Ecoboost vs Performance Pack GT

    BTW, you can put turbos in the gt too and it will surely gaps most cars you see on the road.
  2. lookin at an eco-boost.

    test drive both the ecoboost and the GT. you might like the GT more. Insurance and cost wise, I think both of them will not be that far apart. For me, I would go for a gt with digital gauge and auto. I will cost more later if you go with the ecoboost now and later go for the gt just like you...
  3. 2015 Mustang Gt Rear Ended

    this is why insurance is so damn expensive now. it always keep going up and part of the problem is people don't have insurance cause the premium going up more and more every year.
  4. 2015 Mustang Gt Rear Ended

    good luck getting your deductible. I had 2 accident, one drunk driver rear ended me and the other run a red light. Both has no insurance and my insurance said they will go after them for deductible, then will reimburse to me. however, till this day I haven't seen a single dollar deductible...
  5. 2015 Mustang Gt Rear Ended

    people with no insurance is horrible and most of them did that on purpose too. if it was the other way around they would sue the crap out of your insurance and if you have any other assets they will go after that next.
  6. Thoughts on a 2021 GT Premium

    unfortunately, there will be people out there willing to pay for it.
  7. Thoughts on a 2021 GT Premium

    I would verify what roush supercharger stage 1 or 2, then look up what the stage 1 or 2 cost plus installation. now, you would just need to look up the cost of the 2021 gt convertible price on kbb and add to the price of what you find out for the supercharger cost to make the offer to the...
  8. Anyone running a Borla S-Type axle back only?

    I think if you can find some mustangs in your area with Borla exhaust to listen first would be ideal. I listen pretty much all the people posting on youtube of their exhaust and thought Borla ATAK is not that loud on youtube until I had it on the car. I was going to order the S-type Borla and...
  9. Advice on buying 5.0?

    yup, I got my car from a different state brand new in show room and drove it almost 500 miles back. Now I know the process of buying a new car from another state I will not hesitate to do it again.
  10. Advice on buying 5.0?

    yes, unfortunately you will have to wait much more longer, but I think you will be happy in the end.
  11. Advice on buying 5.0?

    this is just me: First, I will never buy a mustang without a v8. if I want a 4 cyclinders with turbo, then I would get a suby sti. I would keep searching for the right one you one or just order and wait. the last thing you want to do is get one that you later regret .
  12. Anyone running a Borla S-Type axle back only?

    get the Borla S-type cat-back if you just want a little louder than stock. I had the Borla atak and it is very loud. the cold start up is scary loud. next time, I would choose the s-type instead. the reason I still keep it because my son likes it, but he's only 23 years old.
  13. wheels and tires for the strip.

    what are you guys suggest wheels and tires for the rear to hook at the strip? thanks 2020 gt auto
  14. 2020 Auto OPG/CSS needed?

    it's just my opinion. if budget is tight I won't add a supercharger because something else will break. it will cost you more than just a supercharger alone. I would not do opg and roll the dice and save the money toward a new built motor, but opg and parts only cost $1100 to install is so...
  15. Drive Modes & The A10

    So, what is the mode selector and shift in d or s for drag racing at the strip? What is the best for on the street?
  16. Nguage tire size/axle ratio

    So, if I change any tire size the car will learn on its own? What about rims size?
  17. active grill shutters

  18. ESS Centrifugal Mustang Superchargers

    What about for 91 only on gen 3? Thanks
  19. [Solved]

    I would go back there and show them the manual specification for capacity. if that dealer doesn't make it right, I would tell them I would never ever go back to their dealership for any future repair.
  20. active grill shutters

    sorry, but what exactly do I look for? do you have a picture of it, so I know what to look for? thanks