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  1. Ford Mustang Ecoboost Rough Idle

    Brought it in to ford and they said they would not cover seeping head gaskets. It needs to be a failure. So I thinking about possibly opening up my head and putting a gasket in myself
  2. front tire wear question

    I am having the same issue where I just started noticing this happening and I need to get a Virginia inspection in July. Y’all think I would pass? Lol. Still 6.5/32” tread left
  3. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    I appreciate the reply. You simply never know 100% but I thought I’d ask the group. Seems like after reading the whole thing, the drive modes do not modify the pcm but simply adjust the throttle mapping as per guidance and control by the pcm. i feel a good bit better now so I appreciate it...
  4. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    I fully expect them to cover my engine under warranty. But the drive modes made me wonder. they are not directly modifying the PCM, and clearly the PCM has a data set for the drive modes.
  5. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    No, I fully do not expect nor am trying to have them warranty something I paid for and put in…. My car has a seeping headgasket. I was thinking maybe the drive modes could be a “cause.” Maybe. At like 1%. But the car’s PCM has never been open and the car has never been tuned. Only put a drop-in...
  6. 2019 and 2020 4" to 8" Screen Upgrade + Drive Mode Toggle Switch Enable Writeup

    Any chance if you know if this would void your warranty and same goes with drive modes? Have to bring mine in for warranty work and am curious to see if this would be an issue
  7. 2018 Digital Cluster Installation Guide

    Would this and adding Sync 3 void your warranty? Curious because I need to bring my car in for my powertrain warranty because it’s looking like I may have a bad head gasket. I am thinking that I doubt it, forscan is just changing already set parameters and my car has never been tuned and other...
  8. Ford Mustang Ecoboost Rough Idle

    Well I got misfires yesterday while driving. Time to take the CAI off and bring it in. Thank God for warranties
  9. Ford Mustang Ecoboost Rough Idle

    No worries! The little ecoboosts are Kindve known for a rough idle. Honestly all GDI engines are so I just want to make sure all is well. You can feel it stutter through the shifter and I don’t think I’ve owned a car quite like this so it’s getting used to. Mine is a 2020 as well. with the GT...
  10. Ford Mustang Ecoboost Rough Idle

    Has a rough idle on start up and goes away. That’s pretty typical for the engines. What I notice at red light and stop signs is a slight skip or stutter. Engine RPM goes from 760 to about 720-740 every 20 seconds and if I idle it long enough, say 3-5 minutes when warmed up, the car brings it’s...
  11. Ford Mustang Ecoboost Rough Idle

    Also just ran the engine's PCM self-test through ForScan. No counts whatsoever in the general misfires area and through cylinder's 1-4. I either have a bad motor mount (at 16k.... I might sell my car if it does lol) or I am just all too picky on idling.
  12. Ford Mustang Ecoboost Rough Idle

    I have a rough idle on my ecoboost. Nothing crazy, not to the point of stalling, but I can feel the stutter that seems to be common with these motors. I have replaced the low-side fuel pressure sensor, the EVAP purge valve, coils, plugs, and dove into the intake manifold and intake valves and...
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Take the dashboard off and unplug the guages. four screws to take the gauge pack off and I think 2-4 screws to take the face and lens off to clean
  14. GT350 Build for SCCA Nationals

    Are you interested in keeping them?
  15. GT350 Build for SCCA Nationals

    Would anyone happen to know the brand/manufacturer of the door speaker surrounds or are these one-offs?
  16. Performance Shift Light Indicator Heads Up Display

    I wanted to start a thread to see if any one has a part number for the Performance shift Light Indidcator Heads Up Display found in the Shelbys. The S550 has a spot for the HUD in the dashboard and a spot to turn it on in FORSCAN so I was wondering if anyone has a part number... I would like to...
  17. Ford Performance Track Handling Suspension Package - Advice

    Lol that is true. I got lucky. That might be something people want to look into once they’re done installing the suspension.
  18. Ford Performance Track Handling Suspension Package - Advice

    Definitely install it. Take your time, do it right. Pretty manageable with 1 peeps . Took me a full day. And I swear you’ll never look back, the car immediately sits an inch lower, the camber is more race-oriented and the feel is fantastic. If I would gotten anything first, it would’ve been this...
  19. Ford Performance Track Handling Suspension Package - Advice

    DO NOT REMOVE ALL SUBFRAME BOLTS AT ONCE! You run a really good chance of throwing off the frame alignment, which is different from the suspension alignment. Take two bolts of the subframe out on one side, remove the sway bar first it’ll help a lot. Apply pressure to the bucket (I pushed on my...
  20. ADM Hell! Ford!!!!

    Yeah…. Getting my mustang ecoboost for 20k even brand new in December 2020 was probably the best thing I could’ve done… they want 30k now for even base ecoboosts…