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  1. Roush Supercharger

    I had livernois install it. Less than 6k. For about 600 whp on 93 no one can beat that price with install. Cars drives great, stock when you want it and powa when you want it. Love the instant hit of the TVS. All the blowers are great out there. But this one for powa to price is amazing. i can...
  2. Roush Supercharger

    best bang for buck is the Maggy blower from livernois for under 6k
  3. Tune for V8: Ford vs Lund vs Livernois

    Yeah so cal smog is nasty. They should have the smog rules. Not all of cali. Glad I have Oregon plates. No smog. Can do whatever I want to my car no inspections. We all gonna die some time. :eyebulge:
  4. mail order vs dyno tune

    Dyno tune. Make the drive. Don't listen to people that say email tune is the same.
  5. Best canned tune for this setup

    Hahahaha so true. All of the good tuner will take care of you. Don't matter lund , palm beach, Livernois ,etc
  6. Pedalmax with tune?

    Waste of money with a tune
  7. Roush 2.6 Blower Coming

    TVS are the bomb. Whipple are dope too. But I'll take a tvs any day. 2.6 tvs would be awesome. If they made a 2.9 they would smash a twin screw. 2.3 is the little engine that could. :cheers:
  8. FS: Lund Nguage

  9. Lund website says custom tunes out of stock?

    :headbang: wow. First non lund fan boy on the forum beside me. Thanks for coming out :cheers:
  10. Lund website says custom tunes out of stock?

    Should have gone with another tuner like Livernois, palm beach dyno would already have your tune etc lol :cheers:
  11. Lund or Livernois

    Clean your windows:lol: But but you can't data log. :eyebulge: Glad you love it. Watch out for all the Livernois haters that will come on shortly to talk smack about it:shrug:
  12. Which blower would you choose

    The Maggy crap talking are jelly. They paid way more than 7k for their set ups. Just funny to listen to proleaker fan boys. This forum is full of them and lund fan boys. Act like that's the only way to go. It's like going to the prom with a fat chick and acting like they cool zing
  13. Aces IV additive/octane enhancer

    I know right. :eyebulge::cheers:
  14. Roush Axlebacks + H-Pipe, too loud for daily driving?

    It's magic sound. Too loud really. You don't like a real muscle car sound then:frusty:
  15. Lund website says custom tunes out of stock?

    YOu said it right. Should have gone with Livernois or someone else.
  16. spark plugs

  17. Supercharger Feedback... Share your opinions :)

    They have had the kit for sale for 5899 installed for a while. So take your wolf tickets elsewhere.
  18. Which blower would you choose

    Hahahah hahahahha made my day thanks :cheers: