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  1. Upgraded to power seats on base S550- surprising solution found!

    I am trying to swap in a set of power '17 GT seats into my 16 GT350 track pack (Recaros) car. I seem to have a different situation: the 30a fuses for the power seats are in place under the hood (locations 12-14), but there are no power wires at the connection under the seat. Any idea how to...
  2. Ford buyback gt350r

    If you're a serious buyer just ask the dealer for a copy of the service records and Oasis report for the car. It's what I did before I bought mine and discovered it was ran 8qts low and the engine was replaced due to cylinder scoring. After purchase I was able to track down the original owner...
  3. FS: All GT350 mods and parts

    Email sent on the steering wheel.
  4. PSA Don't Buy

    Swedensky's car finally sold, I saw it rolling through my neighborhood last night...I bought my AG 2016 track pack car, also a buyback car due to an engine replacement, from them last month and they almost immediately dropped the price on this one from $48.9k to $46.9k, I have no idea what it...
  5. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    The original owner took mine in w/CEL and rattle at 6k found it 8qts low, Ford replaced the engine but eventually ended up buying it back. I hate it for the original owner, but thankful I found it. At 15k leaks or oil usage, but this engine does have the cold "piston slap".