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    Anybody do their own install of this? Where did you get the kit, etc.?
  2. Spare tire subwoofer

    Has anyone added one of this style to the shaker system? Cerwin-Vega VPAS12ST 12" 2Ω 600W / 150W RMS Powered Active Subwoofer Spare Tire Application, Black : Electronics I wonder if you can use the existing sub wiring or do you have to run all new wiring?
  3. Sig Pic missing

    I guess due to the new format of the site my sig pic is gone and I've tried many ways to bring it back. What is the secret?
  4. Just visiting

    Hi down under mates! Been trekking south from port Douglas to Brisbane for about 4 weeks now and surprised how few stangs I have seen. Anyway, going to Brisbane area tomorrow before catching the plane home soon. Gday
  5. B2B Warranty Running out...

    3 years, next month is the in service date. I've got a few things they should look at; Home link never worked with my garage door Battery needed a jump recently Driver's seat cooler not so good Anything else to think about for a 2016 model or advice in general?
  6. Best replacement windshield

    Mine has a crack on the passenger side that is growing towards the driver side. $50 glass deductible. Who has the best replacement?
  7. Stang eats screwdriver

    I feel silly for having to ask this but, while checking my battery water level I placed the screwdriver on the inner fender ledge not realizing its open to the side. I heard a clunk and the tool was gone. :doh: I tried to use my retrieval tool but no joy. Any advice on how to get it out from...
  8. Michelin SS or Nitto G2 305/35/19s for rear

    So I will have a pair of widened CS wheels shortly and can't decide on rear tires; Street mostly, dry mostly, occasional cold drives, stock power but may get a tune later (stay NA), lots of hiway miles as I live 'outside of town'. I'm all ears...
  9. WTB CS Wheels

    Looking for a nice pair...:cheers:
  10. Widest all season

    Well my post in another thread has yielded nothing so here goes. What is the widest and 'bestest' all season high performance tire I can use for my rears? Preferably 19" but 18-20 okay. My car is not a daily driver per se, but I will drive when it's cold here, like in the teens *F, so summer...
  11. WTB CS Wheels

    Looking for a couple of clean 2016/17 California Special wheels to get widened for future fatter tires. Any out there?
  12. 2018 Exhaust

    I've read that the new stock exhaust tone is much better than the old. How much of that is the engine mods vs. a new system design? If it's mostly the exhaust components, do they fit the 15-17s? Just curious.
  13. Rear seats

    aka, passenger torture device...any remove the seats or just the backs to save weight, create more room for stuff and/or allow subwoofer and exhaust sounds more freedom? I don't see anybody but small kids fitting back there and I'm fresh out of them ;)
  14. Homelink Issue

    Anyone have problems getting the garage door to work with the visor control? I've tried several times and the manual being vague didn't help. Went to the homelink website and printed those instruction, still no joy. I've done this on other cars but just can get it to work now. :frusty:
  15. Anybody widen stock wheels?

    Wanting to keep the look with wider rubber...:cheers:
  16. New to me 2016 GT/CS

    So I drove it home from Denver today and 2 things bugged me. 1. The shoulder harness is not in a good place...any way to move it lower? 2. It was very cross windy and the hood moved around quite a that normal?
  17. Buying advice for a used GT premium

    How can you tell the rear end ratio without lifting the car and if you are 500 miles away and there is no sticker available? What is a reasonable depreciation % for a 2015? How can you verify option 401a over the phone or online? :cheers:
  18. Edelbrock vs. Roush

    For non-racers who want a warranty, these seem to be the only 2 options. What are the pros and cons of both? I know the Roush warranty costs $1k and the Edelbrock is 'free', otherwise are very similar in coverage...:cheers:
  19. NM FI?

    Anybody near Alb, NM with FI? Power Ford claims to be a Roush installer but has yet to produce an example S550 for me... Seems like Hellion would be the ticket for me since they are in town. :cheers:
  20. 900 customer cash?

    Just saw a local commercial with the fine print showing 900 customer cash. Until now, all I've seen is 500...