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  1. E85

    Just curious... I tried searching but couldn't find anything in running e85 in the voodoo. Other than a tune do I need to make other modifications to run e85 in my GT350? And if I do will I void my warranty?
  2. How long for delivery?

    Just found out my car is on the train? Anyone know how long does it take to get to the San Francisco Bay Area? I was told it is estimated to arrive by the 10th, but I'm hoping to get it earlier. Thanks
  3. Shelby American

    Just got back from a weekend in Vegas. I was lucky enough to stop by Shelby American. I was just curious to know if they sold the rights to Ford to use the Shelby name. Or do they have some kind of licensing agreement? After leaving I wondered if Shelby American going to do anything with the...
  4. Radar Detectors

    Still waiting for my GT350, but has anyone have any suggestions for a radar detector? I've seen some hard wired in different cars and may want one that can be hard wired. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  5. GT350 and Children's Car Seats

    LOL kind of a weird question. Has anyone tried fitting car seats in the back seat? I have one boy who is facing forward and my other boy should be facing forward by the time I take delivery by the end of the year. From the looks of it a rear facing car seat would be impossible. It would be nice...
  6. 2017 GT350 Production Start Date

    Does anyone have any idea when they will start production on 2017 GT350s? I just put in my order and the dealer does not have any idea to when production will start.
  7. 2017 GT 350 Ordering Procedure

    Just curious on how the ordering process is for the 2017 GT350. I'm first on the list for the 2017 GT350 at my dealership. What is the ordering procedure? Do they take a deposit? How much of deposit? Do you start the financing process when you order or upon arrival of the car to the dealership...