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  1. Interesting how people think there’s a “Base” GT500

    This thread reminds me of every P-car show my P-car owning friends would drag me too - and would have to be forced to park way way way away from the show... No matter how many options - it is just a Ford Mustang :cwl: :crackup: :wink:
  2. Three used 2020 GT500’s at Huntley Ford in IL

    50/50 could be duds, or could be for example transmission TSB recalls where the original owners just didn't feel like waiting the last 6 months for parts. Good luck to whomever who purchases them though
  3. For those of you who transitioned from GT350 --> GT500

    I mean is Roush still doing well in NASCAR ? That's the core of it Unless the vehicle 'manufacturing' is separate from the racing side of it , makes sense so one side of the ship doesn't bring down the other.
  4. 2022 GT500 - Not doing allocations this year?

    meanwhile M-EC8 forums are talking about how despite the snow storms and having to rebuild from scratch the 100-130 cars they lost in the tornados they still managed 'more than minimal allocations' :headbang: at least one american car company is trying to sell cars
  5. Question for the Community: Trade, Mod, or Stay Put

    I'm currently having issues with my 350 :( . Hence why I'm sort of in the same boat of considering cutting it loose but my thought process is the GT350 IS the ultimate drivers car mustang no doubt about it. There's pros and cons to that. Its great on a mountain road but it sucks in the bumper...
  6. Question for the Community: Trade, Mod, or Stay Put

    lucky if the dealer today offered 6k over I would have been driving a 500 right now
  7. Question for the Community: Trade, Mod, or Stay Put

    Better than my day , usual dealer was at 25 over a base 500 and wouldn't budge even when I offered 8 over. First sales team in history to let someone walk away from someone clearly trying to make a sale :headbang:
  8. For those of you who transitioned from GT350 --> GT500

    I had the opportunity to drive one at a Ford owners marketing event at my local race track - so I had the benefit of a lot of time in my 2017 GT350 on the same track. TO me to solved all the problems I had with the 350. More power down low, more power up top, more top speed/more torque through...
  9. 2022MY Mustang Order Guide Reveals New Colors & Packages

    The theme for 2022: "Late availability" :wink:
  10. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    To be honest the 500 and 350 are different markets. 350 was more of a conquest car, attracting buyers from other brands. Thats why BMW is making a big deal this time around with the M3 competition , and finally matched the R... 5 years later :crackup: 500 is more for the die hard mustang...
  11. CF wheel damage

    Thats almost borderline abusive IMO 10k over a sticker on a used car Damage on some of the most expensive and desirable parts of the car Looks like the stealership owner let his son film some YouTube clout on that car , I'd pass. There's still one more year of 500's to be made...
  12. New 2020 GT500 - Transmission Replacement After Harness, GSM and TCM Replaced

    reminds me of experience getting the engine changed on my 2017 GT350 , sorry for your loss In my case the car sat for 3 weeks waiting for word from Ford, when I called corporate and opened a case, used language like "approaching 30 days" and "looking into my options for RAV and buy back" the...
  13. Stangmode has 2021 CFTP

    I mean, we are on a site devoted to THE consumer product of the 20th century - a surprise 4 square marketing success called the Mustang... There is a little irony in your statement, honestly and with all due respect , the transition to a 'consumer' society happened on your great grandfather's...
  14. GT350 Owner: Have you driven the Mach 1? Please provide your comparison to GT350

    I'd really like to see a true verified list of parts that are carried over from the GT350 IMO while the engine and transmission selected for the 350 was a big part of the story it isn't the whole thing. If you search YT for the technical video from SVT performance showing Jamal and the Ford...
  15. Six Yrs Later - C8 Z06 finally tries to copy Voodoo

    I don't know, I've had my 2017 350 since new and had a 2011 5.0 + MT82 and while the Tremec was definitely an improvement... but lets be honest its still ain't no Porsche 6 speed transmission ... The throws remind me of a 70s/80s Italian exotic, or like the '05-'06 Ford GT transmission, a bit...
  16. GT 500 CFTP VS ZL1 1LE

    Have you seen this video from Shelby Flyer ? I too was a little disappointed when I saw the ZLE be one of the only cars that still gave the 500 a hard time on track (and this is amateur HPDE) but he clarifies that it has 'engine work'. Alright. However the 500 is basically stock and it...
  17. Considering moving from a 350 to 500

    I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend the GT500 Track tour that Ford performance is running. There they gave the usual marketing song and dance on the specs/business case for the car but best of all they gave us an opportunity to drive the GT500 on a bonafide track for 3-4 laps in a lead...
  18. List of CFTP for Sale

    Howabout non CFTP , do I have better luck getting an MSRP deal?
  19. Don't bother to order

    sounds like 1965 … only with crappier music :crackup: