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  1. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    I would like info on this too please
  2. Shelby 350 Tire change: PS 4's replacing SC2's

    I got my PS4S from Discount Tire 295-35-19 Excellent tires I have them on the front .
  3. 2019 Mirrors

    Deets ? I’d love this
  4. How many miles on your GT350?

    Got mine used with 35K and now has 37K Purchased June 19 . 2016 tech pack
  5. Official GT350/R Mustang Owners Registry

    I got my 2016 Shelby on June 19 . I am sooo happy to finally have one . I wish I had the owners supplement and the oil filter wrench Ford sent to the original owner but hey I got my Shelby G1155
  6. 19 GT350, Cant Decide on Color....

    Black with white stripes
  7. Lund Tune questions (93 and e85)

    TeamBeefCakeRacing has great prices
  8. Who is your GT350's FPC Voodoo Engine Builder?

    Thanks for this I still don’t see the persons name that’s the first name listed on my builder plate ? Maybe they no longer work there ?
  9. Who is your GT350's FPC Voodoo Engine Builder?

    Could use some help on the first name . Does anyone know ?
  10. Who is your GT350's FPC Voodoo Engine Builder?

    I am not sure who the first one is . Does anyone have an idea ?
  11. 2019 GT 350 Puddle Lamps

    What are the part numbers to replace entire mirror housing left and right with cobra lamps ? I have a 16 GT350 . Do they fit the same ? Thanks , Wendy
  12. Loudest 2018 Exhaust

    I have an H pipe resonator delete and Roush AB they are loud when you get on it
  13. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    Hard wired also .Ford parts . I had the same codes before and after P2006 and P2007 IMRC closed. Do yourself a favor and lock them out and be done with it .:headbonk:Some cars just don’t like it .
  14. Does a tune or NGauge affect adaptive cruise?

    Did you do the 18 intake also ? I did . Just curious
  15. Does a tune or NGauge affect adaptive cruise?

    I have 12 tunes on my N-Gauge all from Lund . My adaptive cruise works perfectly and has never been a problem.
  16. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    Yes stock manifolds and cats. I have a Roush axle back .
  17. What Cold Air and time do you guys like for E85?

    I have a JLT CAI and an N-Gauge and Lund tuned . I love it .
  18. [?] '18 Intake Manifold on '15-'17

    Got my flex fuel dyno pull today 473 . It’s running great . I love my 18 mani and my Lund Racing Flex Fuel tune
  19. Does a tune or NGauge affect adaptive cruise?

    Pretty sure I’ve had my N-Gauge for over 2 years and I have adaptive cruise and all that . It still works and never caused it an issue . Not sure if this helps ya out . BTW my n-gauge is always plugged in as I watch the gauges , I find it easier to watch my speed . I’m short and my steering...