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  1. ordered oct 12

    Bippity Bopitty Built
  2. handling package wheels

    i think this is a great deal from what I have seen
  3. Is order tracking down ?

  4. Ordered October 2021

    Date keeps getting pushed forward, fine with me that means harder to build less produced orders canceled better residual loaded handling package car
  5. Mach 1 delivery handling package new at dealer questions

    Ordered from granger handling package car, Has anyone had an experience where they picked up a handling package car and the car wasn’t prepped properly at the dealership because the tech didn’t pull the parts when prepping the car from the parts department wheel lips camber plates rear wheel...
  6. Order moved again from 23rd to 30th

    So maybe at dealer by July lmao ordered 10-12-21
  7. Price increases

    Since I ordered my car the price has gone up over $3000 price protected so I’m loving that good for first year depreciation coverage not to mention the ordering discount to begin with it would have been better if Ford did with the mustang like they did with the bronco and converted 2021 orders...
  8. Mach 1 question paint under hood

    Just curious for those guys who have metallic colored 2021 or 2022 Mach ones say blue or silver metallic is your car clear coated and painted under the hood down into the engine compartment I’ve only seen inside flat colored cars and I know that they are. I have owned BMW M3 and M4 all metallic...
  9. Update pushed again

    Handling package car manual loaded over 65000 window so basically @[email protected] @Jay at Granger mid June or about same time as TRX lmao
  10. Order update

  11. Mach 1 European Recaros

    I was just watching a video on YouTube recently posted of a review of a mach one from the UK the Recaro seats in the car were power adjustable it also seemed like they had more of a higher quality leather actually real leather unlike the US model the car is manufactured in the United States why...
  12. Nothing new
  13. This video was taken on a New york highway

    So these are USA cars can someone explain the clear tail lamps like other countries have
  14. Mach 1 2021 order Moved to 2022 handling package

    Handling package limits on production fine with me, one year newer car maybe some other 2022 mustang refinements etc (unseen or technology) the fact that this means there will be less handling cars made makes it worth the wait and the extra money down the road and one year newer model gives an...
  15. Your welcome

  16. Anyone order an indoor car cover from and since they dont have a mach 1 option if I ordered a handling package should I just order a gt 500 cover ?
  17. Handling package front lower lip spoiler

    When I take delivery of My car, When Its prepped will have lower Lip spoiler left inside car wrapped or in trunk. No intention of tracking or high speeds with added downforce benefit. I Can have it fresh if or when I sell the car or want to apply later. Still have all the added benefits of the...
  18. Just ordered My 2021 Mach 1 from granger ford Iowa

    I am in wisconsin 350 miles away they made it easy and seemless and the best price, Even with shipping the car enclosed I still will save a ton of money. Zach is the owner and Jay Vikic handled everything else through phone and email seemless highly recommend.