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  1. Sporadic Battery Charging System MIL

    Mine did that as well. Dealer replaced the alternator under warranty and no problems since. With normal driving, the light stayed off. If I revved it out I could trigger the light almost on demand.
  2. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Make sure when you install it the proper procedure to seat it is used. There is a good install video from Ford floating around. It requires a mallet to knock it into place. Then the additional screws. Many dealers didn't do the mallet trick and therefore couldn't get all the screws to line up.
  3. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    I agree with your perceptions about the tires nd brake pads. I recently bolted on a set of used up Cup2's and found they are another step above. I expected to get a couple of sessions out of them but got 5 days instead. I could have used them a little longer but I blistered the fronts at Fontana...
  4. Do Track Attack cars have blip shift?

    I bought a GT350 Track Attack car that I drove in 2016.
  5. Do Track Attack cars have blip shift?

    Mine has the TSB symptoms also. I could bet there is some sort of rev match feature though.
  6. Do Track Attack cars have blip shift?

    I had my Ford Performance Racing School #17 car at Hallett a few days ago. It dawned on me that it seems to have some sort of blip shift installed. I did not heel and toe this outing and the car seemed to do it for me. I noticed it when a friend drove it and when I drove it in town. Has anyone...
  7. GT 350 engine/exhaust rattle on warm start

    I have 2 2016 GT350's. Only one car is doing this and it is the one I am tracking now. It doesn't get driven much on the street so for me it only occurs at track days. I assume it would do it if I took the car to Walmart or anywhere else but I don't really do that. I also had one prior weekend...
  8. GT 350 engine/exhaust rattle on warm start

    I started having this issue on the second day at Auto Club Speedway. I tried raiderjatt02's solution and it worked almost every time. The only time it rattled a little bit momentarily but it was a lot better than before. I took an oil sample for analysis and I changed the oil. We'll see if it...
  9. To all FPRS Gt350 owners.

    Yes. Driving it unplugged will trigger the light. You'll need a proper scan tool to reset it.
  10. Question for FPRS Track Attack Car Owners - Exhaust Damper Weights

    I just looked at mine. The drivers side appears to be trimmed. The passenger side does not appear to be.
  11. To all FPRS Gt350 owners.

    I removed the seat belt tensioner. What I'm looking for is how to trick the system to think they are still there. Also the belts too.
  12. To all FPRS Gt350 owners.

    Unfortunately, I put the interior back together. I could take a picture of the removed tensioners I guess.
  13. To all FPRS Gt350 owners.

    The ones that went to the belt tensioners did.
  14. To all FPRS Gt350 owners.

    Like 16 others, you have a former Ford Performance Racing School car. (One of you lucky people bought 2) I am going to use mine relatively unchanged as a track car mostly. I am a little OCD and hate the air bag light illuminated on the dash. I also fear this will prevent me from buying an...
  15. Hopefully a GT350 owner sooner than later. Advice-opinions appreciated.

    From someone who has 2 GT350's, get the extended warranty and then just drive it.
  16. My Ford Racing School GT350 #9

    She did get to meet up with her sister.
  17. Ford Performance Racing School car #17

    Well I was able to take #17 to Willow Springs for the COCOA open track event. It was the 99th event this group has done at Willow dating back to the 70's. I got a CEL for a random misfire a couple of times but it cleared up by just shutting off and restarting the car. I had been tracking a Tech...
  18. FL 2087 update (interesting information)

    My local dealer here in MT was able to order 2 for me. It took a couple of weeks but they finally came in.
  19. Obsolescence to Obsession – Tales of the Rented Mule (FPRS GT350 Track Attack #14)

    I drilled my bumper bars with a hand drill. It took forever but it wasn't hard to keep things lined up.